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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Visit to St Charles

When my husband and I lived in St Louis (MO) we loved to visit historic St Charles. The town was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette. In 1804, Lewis and Clarke set off on their westward journey from St Charles. It was also the first state capitol of Missouri between 1821 and 1826.
USA 471
On a hot afternoon last June, we stopped in St Charles on our way to northern Missouri. We did not stay there for more than an hour, but, as always, the charm of the place worked its magic on us. It is always hard to decide what we love most about  it: the unique shops and boutiques or the quaint old houses.
USA 462
USA 463
The stores alone are worth a visit – each store specializing in something different. Like this store selling spices and herbs.
USA 466
USA 468
Or this one selling teas and tea-pots.
USA 470
I so wanted to go in and explore all the little shops – especially the ones selling antique and vintage items. Sadly, we did not have time. So I went around taking as many pictures as I could until my batteries died on me.
I loved the architectural details of some of the houses.
USA 472
And the unusual shop signs.
USA 464
USA 475
I loved the flowers and parks.
USA 474
USA 479
USA 473
And this white picket fence.
USA 478
But most of all, I loved this baby-blue house.
USA 483
And you? What did you like most about St Charles?
USA 465


  1. Wonderful!! Fabulous post Loree! how i would love to go to the spice shop....that's so cool!yay..That was fun..i love all the red doors too! magical! Your photos are amazing as usual!!they always tell a story!

  2. Wonderful candids of a really neat place!

  3. Lovely, lovely place!

    I would find the teapot shop irresistible.
    And then the fabric shop.
    And then ......
    sitting on a bench on the village green!

  4. I agree with Kiki...I would love to check out that spice shop!

  5. Wonderful pictures!
    I love quaint little shops ... enchanting place!

  6. Wow, that looks lovely, very much "english" without the flag of course. I am home again, it went by so quickly (sob !)

  7. I haven't been to Missouri since I was fourteen and I don't remember going to St. Charles - I probably wouldn't have cared then anyway. Love the pics - what an awesome town. I want to go back and visit now that I'm older. Thank you for sharing. I love the way you see the world.

  8. What amazing pics, thanks for sharing. I love those stores and the goodies in them!


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