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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tunes On My Playlist: Morning Has Broken

I can’t seem to stop humming this song lately. For some reason, it reminds me of spring and it takes me right back to my childhood. We would sing this at school – 300 innocent voices giving it their all.
Maybe it’s just me, but some of these old songs, well, they just seem to get better with the passing years.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Passing Them On

I want to start off by saying a big “Thank you” to any new readers of this blog and also to all my old friends who drop by regularly. I have recently been given two awards and today I am simply passing them on.

I received this award from Sue who blogs at Crafty Susie. Thank you Sue. This award goes to selected bloggers who merit recognition and to honour those who regularly visit and leave a comment on your blog.
All you have to do is...
Proudly copy the Lobster Award logo above on your Blog and in turn feel inspired and encouraged to nominate others who visit and leave regular messages in your Comments Box.
The rules for  the nominations are simple:
1. Nominate someone who regularly visits your Blog and leaves a message in the Comments Box.
2. Tell them about their nomination.
I have chosen to pass this award on to Suze who writes at Analog Breakfast. Suze is a busy writer and I am honoured that she takes the time to read and comment on my posts.

Next I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by Suze (from Analog Breakfast. The rules are as follows:
1. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers.
2. Mention the award.
3. Link back to the source – I did that above.
4. Share seven bits of random autobiographical facts.
5. Pass on the rules.
6. Inform the 15 bloggers that they've been tagged.
OK. So here are seven random facts about me:
1. I love to read the newspaper lying down on a carpet.
2. My favourite book, from all the books I have ever read, is Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne du Maurier.
3. My absolute favourite song of all time is this one.
4. I think that if I could go back and take an alternative career, I would chose to become a travel writer as it would combine my love for travelling and writing.
5. I collect postcards.
6. Once upon a time (before I was married Smile with tongue out) I used to read a book a week. Sadly, these days I barely have time for a book a month. It is something I really miss doing.
7. Despite the fact that my husband has explained the rules of the game to me several times, I still have not grasped the concept behind a baseball game.
So here are my nominees. I know that these awards require a certain degree of input and some of you may not be accepting awards, yet I would still like to acknowledge the following blogs and hope that you all find time to visit:
Icy BC at Wandering Thought.
Jeanne at Collage of Life.
Gattina at Writer Cramps.
Leslie at Let A Joy Keep You.
Aubrey at Naturally Momma.
Sue at Crafty Susie.
Maureen at Daydream Living.
I know, that’s only 11 blogs but I am breaking the rules a bit. Shhh …
I wanted to let you all know that I may not be posting and commenting so much this week as I have a few things I need to catch up on and finalise. I will be around when I can. Enjoy the rest of the week. I will leave you with a pretty flower and I hope spring is  bringing plenty of colour and warm breezes to your part of the world.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (44)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Fabulous Fridays: Spring

I love winter. I love wind and rain; grey skies and thunderstorms. But the warm, sunny days of Spring make me smile and my heart sings. Finally I can venture outdoors and lie down in a sheltered nook to think. Or dream. About spring and all the wonders it brings with it. Because spring is the time for …
Fawwara 248
wild poppies
Poppies (1)
ripening wheat
Fawwara 216
walks on the beach
Gnejna Bay (5)
buzzing bees
warm sea breezes
fleecy lambs
                                                                       Source: via Laura on Pinterest

baby birds

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Secrets Of A City

Our capital city is a bit of an enigma. Thriving by day, it is usually a ghost town by night. A city of contrasts, it often feels as if it is cleaved in two: the upper commercial area and a lower residential area. I have been to Valletta hundreds, nay, probably thousands, of times yet I have rarely ventured beyond the shops and offices. Or let’s say that I have rarely ventured with eyes wide open. But yesterday I decided that it was time to explore the so-called ‘lower city’. So come take a walk with me, let’s see what secrets this enigmatic city was willing to revel …
A glimpse through an open door.
Valletta 144
A football club dedicated to a saint.
Valletta 121
A small piece of Tottenham* in the heart of Valletta.
Valletta 128
A newly renovated bakery.
Valletta 119
An unusual assembly of balconies.
Valletta 141
A Toy Museum.
Valletta 130
A promise of forgiveness.
Valletta 113
A blind alley.
Valletta 149
A colourful fruit seller.
Valletta 140
A crumbling fortress surveying the blue, blue sea.
Valletta 153
And, on the rocky foundations on which the city is built, reminders of a long lost time.
Valletta 099
I have to admit that I am enthralled now and I know I will go back for more.
If you care to learn more about our capital city, please go here.
*Tottenham Hotspur is an English football club with a strong following on this island. The building in this photo is the headquarters of local supporters.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

On Finding Magic

                                                     Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

Do you believe in magic? I do. I think we are surrounded by magic but most of us fail to see it. I know it’s magic when someone, something or somewhere makes my heart and soul beat in rhythm with the pulse of the universe. Wishing you all a magical week. Keep your eyes wide open and savour the  magic that is in and around you. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find it if you just look for it …

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Words Of My Life

This interesting idea was started by Jeanne at Collage Of Life. Jeanne’s question is this: if your life was a game of Scrabble, what words would it be? Naturally, this got me thinking and I was soon summarising my life in words or simple phrases. It was strangely therapeutic to do this exercise. The list below is by no means exhaustive. I will be adding to it as time goes by. It has been interesting seeing what things I have in common with  Jeanne and with other women who have had a go at this exercise. So here goes … my life in words …
Mdina & Rabat
an island
a continent
St Louis, MO
Mediterranean sea
Roma, Venezia, Siena
convent school
dwarf rabbits (Dutch Dwarves)
beanies and straw hats
vintage bicycles
                                                             Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

vintage Vespas
red, blood red & cherry red
dark chocolate
Miracle by Lancome
hydrangeas & roses
                                                                   Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

sunflowers & gerberas
Maltese bread
strawberries & peaches; grapes & cherries
blood oranges
                                                  Source: via Heather on Pinterest

white wine
bagels & cream cheese
blue jeans
mum & dad
turquoise jewellery
                                                    Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

So there they are - for now. A list of words which probably mean something only to me. Like life, this list is a work in progress – a collection  of experiences, memories and things which make me smile. Try it out, it is a simple but rewarding exercise.

Monday, 5 March 2012

March, I Love You

Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (50)
March is boisterous. March is meek. March roars in like a lion and exits like a lamb. March is gentle sea-breezes and tempestuous winds. It is warm sunshine and showers of rain.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (52)
March is silence. March is thunder-storms. March is flowers and butterflies and bees.  March is a tomboy. It is never monotonous, never predictable.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (56)
March is exuberant. March is a secret. March gladdens the heart and lifts the spirit. March is colourful and joyful and magical. March is a threshold. It is an anticipation of things to come, a harbinger of good news. March is winter. March is beauty. March is SPRING.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (101)
Photographed in various locations
March 2011


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