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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Walk on the Cliffs

Recently we drove to the small village of Dingli to take a walk on the cliffs. It was almost sunset and although the view from up there is always great, at sunset it is phenomenal. The cliffs rise 300 metres above sea level and provide an excellent look-out post. All you can see, for miles around, is the deep blue Mediterranean sea. It's really gorgeous up there, especially at this time of year when all the nooks and crannies in the rocks are filled with wild flowers. The silence is only broken by the occasional song of a bird. It was quite chilly up there. The wind was gusting and blowing so we did not really walk too much.

It is hard to try and describe the beauty of the place in words. So I'll just say that it is a place where to ponder, a place to pray, a place to write poetry or a place to play. In short it's a great spot in this crowded and noisy world we live in where you can be alone with your thoughts and with yourself. I always feel as free as a bird up there. The only thing that's missing is a pair of wings and I would be able to soar even higher above the water. As it is, I have to be content with walking on the edge of my world.

Going back to the was spectacular... so I am sharing a few photos with you.


  1. Ooooooo....the sunset was AWESOME !!! What a beautiful place to just go and sit and be happy you are alive.

    The Retirement Chronicles

  2. Such a spectacular sunset. No wonder you feel as free as a bird when you're up there. I would too!


  3. Thanks for you kind words Loree. I love you blog. Wonderful layout too. Have a nice day. Em.

  4. lovely pics! There is nothing like a cliff top walk to blow away the cobwebs!

  5. Oh my
    The beauty of it all takes one's breath away.
    Only for a moment than your back drinking in the beauty down deep within your soul.
    Thank you for the pictures that are more than words can explain.
    Blessings to you .

  6. Those are all beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing them! Even in photos they feel to me like liquid light just pouring down. :)


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