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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dare To Believe

… in your dreams. Don’t hide them away. Set them free and make them come true.
USA 860
… in yourself – be  true to yourself even if you do not conform to those around you.
San Anton (30)
… in the calming power of nature - let it’s beauty wash over you and soothe your soul.
  USA 844
… in the secrets that will be revealed when a flower unfolds.
USA 517
… in the power of words.
… in the joyful sound of children’s laughter.
USA 498
… in the purity of true love.
Jason the Builder (5)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scorching Days and Balmy Nights

My mind has been going round in circles trying to write something intelligent and interesting. But it is so hot that sitting at the keyboard is really a huge effort. It is not only hot, but very humid. We had a great summer up to two weeks ago, with plenty of cool breezes and very pleasant days. But now, it seems as if the wind itself is keeping away for fear of being scorched. There is not even the slightest breeze to lift the curtains and bring us some relief. The only sensible thing to do is go and cool off in the sea.
Gnejna Again (16)
Or sail off into the sunset on a beautiful yacht – preferably to cooler climes. Places like Antarctica currently spring to mind …
Gnejna Again (15)
  Gnejna Again (19)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Past Its Heyday

I wondered how many thousands of feet have made their way up these worn steps.
USA 708
I wondered what caused the damage to the wood.
USA 709
I wondered whether the faces that looked out of this window were joyful or tearful.
USA 711
I wondered how many journeys this carriage has made.
USA 702
I wondered how many meetings and partings took place in the stations it passed through.
   USA 710 
I wondered and marvelled at its beauty even though its paintwork is slowly flaking away and its wood is rotting to pieces.
Once upon a time this must have formed part of a bright and colourful train. It was the first time that I saw a carriage painted bright red.
It reminded me of James in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. James – always so proud of his bright coat of red paint. I wondered if in years to come James would end up like this train too …
RubyTuesdaybadgebydriller[1]Hope you enjoyed my entry for this week’s Ruby Tuesday. For more ruby red images from all over the world, please visit Mary at Work of the Poet.
Photos taken last June at the Eureka Springs Railroad Station Museum in Eureka Springs (Arkansas)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A Visit to St Charles

When my husband and I lived in St Louis (MO) we loved to visit historic St Charles. The town was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette. In 1804, Lewis and Clarke set off on their westward journey from St Charles. It was also the first state capitol of Missouri between 1821 and 1826.
USA 471
On a hot afternoon last June, we stopped in St Charles on our way to northern Missouri. We did not stay there for more than an hour, but, as always, the charm of the place worked its magic on us. It is always hard to decide what we love most about  it: the unique shops and boutiques or the quaint old houses.
USA 462
USA 463
The stores alone are worth a visit – each store specializing in something different. Like this store selling spices and herbs.
USA 466
USA 468
Or this one selling teas and tea-pots.
USA 470
I so wanted to go in and explore all the little shops – especially the ones selling antique and vintage items. Sadly, we did not have time. So I went around taking as many pictures as I could until my batteries died on me.
I loved the architectural details of some of the houses.
USA 472
And the unusual shop signs.
USA 464
USA 475
I loved the flowers and parks.
USA 474
USA 479
USA 473
And this white picket fence.
USA 478
But most of all, I loved this baby-blue house.
USA 483
And you? What did you like most about St Charles?
USA 465

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Sometimes it feels good to sit on the dock and just dream.
USA 662
Sometimes its liberating to stop talking and just listen…
USA 654
… to the whispering of the trees
USA 666
and the gentle lapping of the water.
USA 665
Sometimes just being aware of every breath is humbling.
USA 677
Sometimes taking the time to dream reminds us of who we are and where we are going.USA 678
Sometimes letting go of everything and marvelling at the beauty around us, gives us the strength to carry on.
USA 640
Because sometimes, just sometimes, the sound of silence echoes with the symphony of the universe.    USA 681
And magic des happen at moments like these … sometimes …
All photos taken at Table Rock Lake, Lampe, MO

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Most days we get so caught up with day to day living, with the hectic rush that has become our life that we fail to stop and appreciate the little things. The simple things. The things which colour up our life and lift out spirits. For in the midst of all the chaos, there is beauty beneath our feet.
USA 652 USA 653 Wildflowers from southern Missouri.
Just a short post today – to make your lives less hectic :)


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