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Monday, 25 August 2014

Time Out in Trafalgar Square

As I wrote in my last post, London was hectic, and I am thankful for that because we got to see a lot. But there comes a time in every vacation when you just need to stop, step back and look, take a real good look, at what is around you; touch base with yourself, if you will, and with the city you are in. It was a Monday afternoon and after watching the Changing of the Guard and walking along The Mall to Trafalgar Square, my husband proposed a visit to the National Gallery. London 600
Although we would normally have joined him, the Mischief Maker and I had other ideas. While my art-loving husband hurried through the vast spaces of the National Gallery and admired paintings created by some of the greatest masters, the Mischief Maker and I hoisted ourselves up on the pedestal of Nelson’s column and ate our freshly-prepared sandwiches from Pret-a-Manger: egg salad and water-cress for him and smoked salmon and cream cheese for me. London 601
It was time for us to relax and watch the micro-world of Trafalgar Square go by. And what better place to do it than perched on the pedestal of one of England’s greatest heroes? Some 50 metres above us, the admiral continued to survey the pulsating rhythm of London and we too were able to ‘kick off our shoes’ and take it all in. London 602
There’s a little bit of everything here: kings, generals and admirals, frozen in time; unexpected works of art; amazing architecture; fountains; and people of all ages, colours and nationalities. London 603
Around the square, taxis and buses, cars and bicycles, whizzed by incessantly. Trafalgar Square is at the heart of this city. It is a place where Londoners gather to celebrate and to protest. They come here in droves to ring in the New Year and whenever an English team wins an important sporting event. And they come here to vociferously make their concerns heard.London 604
But, up there on the plinth, we had our moment of peace and a perfect spot for people watching. I could have spent more time on my perch, enjoying the sound of the water splashing into the fountain basins, the constantly changing scene and the babble of different languages. London_Phone 106
London 610
I was in my own reverie, dreaming of London, or my version of London, but suddenly, the strains of Hallelujah brought me back to earth. I landed into reality with a very gentle bump and threw some coins into the busker’s guitar case. I was thankful that he had unknowingly turned my moment of peace into one of those moments that will forever remain etched in my memory.
London 607
London 611[4]
Trafalgar Square – make of it what you will but I made it into my moment of peace and reflection. I’ve always had a hard time deciding which spot in London is my favourite but I think that, on this visit, I can safely say that this was mine.

Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London WC2N 5DN, United Kingdom

London 612


  1. Hello Loree,

    Well, this post confirms that your powers of imagination are indeed strong. We cannot imagine turning Trafalgar Square into a place of peace and reflection, but, clearly, you look with different eyes.

    It is most certainly a hub and hive of activity at all hours of the day or night,in all seasons and every weather. Surely, the world passes by if one only stays there long enough. It is most interesting to read your thoughts on this iconic landmark.......we would have joined your husband in the National Gallery!

  2. You were lucky with the weather it seems because we've had a terrible summer and I don't think London was very different from Paris! Lovely photos (I'd have had egg and cress!), what a funny hen! Glad you had a good time!

  3. LOREE!
    I haven't received any of your LONDON postings!IT WAS SO SUNNY there!I can tell not many people received my last Post either..........have heard there is a problem with the blog services.Maybe too many of us!It looks like you had a wonderful vacation!I haven't been to London since the early 1980's.......long over due.............need to check on that baby Royal too!He is so cute!Love to you........XX

  4. Lovely post. Have a people watch chill out break is just the thing for such a place.

  5. Great photos Loree and it looks like you had great weather!

  6. Dear Loree- wonderful pictures of a place I would just love to visit. You had a perfect spot as well as a perfect day. Of course the artist in me would have wanted to tag along with your hubby and see all the works of the great masters as well. Think I might have to visit this spot soon. Hugs. Thanks too for stopping by and leaving a warm compliment. Take care and have a great week.

  7. I loved this and felt that I was right there with you. So often people try to do way too much on a vacation - I see it here in Provence all the time. When in truth, just as you experienced, the best moments are usually when you stop to take it all in. :)

  8. Beautiful shots - amazed by the blue rooster. Loved reading about the sandwiches - and I would be transfixed by hearing Hallelujah as well - my husband picked that as the song he danced to with our daughter at her wedding this summer and now it makes me cry (tears of joy) whenever I hear it.

  9. How wise of you to take a 'time out.' Sometimes people need a time to recuperate after they've come back from a 'vacation.' Traveling, and taking in a constant stream of new sights, can be wearying. Good for you, Loree, that you know your limits--and the Mischief Maker's!--and that you were smart enough to take a breather during the trip. People-watching can entertain the right mind for absolute hours.

  10. While you were enjoying Trafalgar Square, which btw I found shrunk and not so nice as years before when the pigeons were still there, I enjoyed the sun in the South of France !

  11. Sounds like my kind of tourist activity - sitting and watching the people and sights go by. That bright blue rooster is WILD!


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