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Monday, 8 June 2009

Shopfronts of Paris

Here are some Parisian shopfronts that really caught my eye when we visited last March. From restaurants to wine bars; from accessories to chocolateries, the delightful shop fronts of Paris were as interesting and as photo-worthy as the city of romance itself.


  1. I love the third pictures Loree, because it has hanging plant all over!

    All the photos are very interesting!

  2. I have fond memories of shops like these when I lived in Paris. That third one is so sweet. We had one like that very near to our flat.

  3. Oh, I am dreaming of visiting those very places! Your photos are wonderful, they just drew me right into a world of pleasant afternoons and glittering evenings, of laughter and the tears that friends share over a quiet meal. Someday...

    I love your blog! I will look forward to more of your posts! And good luck with your new projects, too! :D

  4. Hi
    Oh how lovely.
    Wouldn't it be sweet if someone put
    together a book of storefront photographs.
    I love to look at storefronts there are so many beautiful ,funny,odd and intresting ones to see.
    Thank you for posting your photos.
    I had a wonderful visual feast.
    Blessings of happiness to you.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I am so glad you like the photos.

    Sunflower: welcome to my blog.

    Terry: I plan to take some photos of local shopfronts. There are some quite unique ones here in Malta too.

  6. I loved Paris and you have to admit, those shops look...well sexy :) especially the chocolate one!

  7. I love the Paris storefront tour. Thank you. Now I'm hungry for chocolates though! :)


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