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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Be Aware

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so I am joining my friend Glynis to spread the word. I am sure we all know someone who was stricken with this dreadful illness or have lost someone to its deadly clutches. As a pharmacist, I worked in an oncology hospital for 2 years and came in contact with countless women of all ages who have had to deal with this potential killer. No one is immune. The only piece of advice I have is that early detection increases the chance of a full recovery. Self-examination of the breast is free and can be done at least once monthly. Mammograms are recommended for all women over 40 and, in cases where there is a family history of the disease, mammograms are recommended at 35 years of age. This is a topic about which a lot has been written and I do not want to blab on repeating things which we have all heard. So I will leave you with the following thoughts. Be aware of your bodies. Be aware of changes in your bodies. And when in doubt, seek professional advice immediately.


  1. Yes it is important to check ourselves. I have just been informed of a 21yr old who has just had a bi-lateral mastectomy, she found a lump, her mother and sister had died from BC. Her lump was the big C, so she opted to have both breasts removed. So brave.

  2. A blogger friend just had surgery today to see if her breast cancer had spread to her bones.

  3. This is a dreadful disease, and everyone should be aware of it..

  4. I have friends who've had to deal with breast cancer. I did my duty yesterday and got a routine mammo.


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