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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Ancient Seductress Again

She’s up to her tricks again, the ancient seductress;
Mdina 102
The keeper of secrets and the weaver of dreams.
Medieval Mdina (34)
I hear her whisper that it’s time for a visit -
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (29)
Which is strange, because a part of me, just never leaves.
Medieval Mdina 124
No matter where my footsteps may take me, my heart never leaves.
Mdina 105
I had planned something different for today, but this took over, so I went with the flow.
For more about the Ancient Seductress go here.
Location: Mdina. from top to bottom: Villegaignon Street; private residence; Our Lady of  Mount Carmel Church; Vilhena Palace; the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.


  1. OK so Mdina is definitely on my list!
    It's beautiful and so are your photos! Love the flowers on the balcony and those wonderful colors on the windows! I wish people got more creative with color here!

  2. I like that you hear her whispers but have never truly 'left' in the first place ...

  3. Oh I want to live there!! So beautiful Loree--I needed that dose of light today! Merci...

  4. You took me on a wonderful walk !

  5. I am so captivated by all of the architectural details and textures that it's hard to look away.

  6. Adorable pictures. The ones in the previous posting, are so lovely, too. I admire your ability to capture beauty through the lens.

  7. Those plum shutters on that balcony...with the patterned pot holders! I just love the entire combination.

  8. So so beautiful and very seductive indeed! Fantastic capture, Loree!

  9. Mdina is a magical place
    I would love to visit again - no tourists, quite afternoon, sun setting, my camera and a slight breeze
    Your photos are beautiful xx

  10. Beautiful images Loree... I can hear the whispers :-)


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