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Friday, 29 March 2013

The Call Of The Sea

As weeks go, this past one has been very busy and it made me feel tired and on edge. That explains my rather long absence from this blog. The words just would not come. Or rather, they did come, but my thoughts were as jumbled as veggies in a salad. Thankfully, today is a public holiday as the island stops and commemorates Good Friday. It’s a day of traditions and much pomp and pageantry – very reminiscent of Semana Santa in Spain, from where it was adopted.
Kuncizzjoni & Gnejna 001
When I woke up this morning, I felt an urgent need to escape. So the  Mischief Maker and I set off. We took the back-roads and, sometimes, got blissfully lost. But it is what my body and soul needed to regenerate. We came to the chapel at Kuncizzjoni. Since 1736 it has stood on this lonely, windswept plateau, surrounded by fields and a few scattered farms. On clear days, it commands a wonderful view. But not today. A haze in the air reduced the visibility to just a few miles. But I still saw it, way down below. Even from up there, the sea beckoned and I had to obey its call.
Kuncizzjoni & Gnejna 031
So, after a few photo-stops and a number of false turns into dirt roads that led nowhere, we made it to Gnejna (pron. Jineyna) Bay. Not even in the summer-time have I seen this bay look so beautiful. The water seemed to be made up of a hundred different hues of blue: turquoise and aqua; sapphire and navy; and many others that I cannot even name. I breathed in, deep breaths of salty sea air, while I waded ankle-deep in the crystal-clear water.
Kuncizzjoni & Gnejna 054
When all else fails, the sea always soothes my mood. At the water’s edge, the pulse of life beats rhythmically and strong. Beyond that endless expanse of blue, earth and heaven meet in an eternal embrace, and it tells me that all is well.
Kuncizzjoni & Gnejna 035-001
Location: Immaculate Conception Chapel, Kuncizzjoni; Gnejna Bay
March 2013


  1. Beautiful. It's so important to get away from the humdrum of every day and just put everything into perspective. What incredible views you have on your country drives.

  2. It is always nice to get away from it all... a very good medicine!
    Great shots.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  3. Saw that picture of your feet in the water and felt jealous. :)

  4. Loved walking with you Loree..the best way to clear your head. Happy Easter!! xx

  5. loree, you are so wise to take advantage of exploring the unique history of your island home. your son will look back on these journeys with love and will provide him with wonderful memories without a doubt.

  6. Loree - so beautiful where you live. The water is extraordinary in its blues. Thanks for taking me along as always on your trip - have a Happy Easter.

  7. After your absence this surely made up for it! So welcome back, and thanks for a refreshing post, I think we all need to stop and refresh ourselves especially after this winter! Lovely shots Loree!

    Happy Easter Blessings to you and your loved ones,

  8. How absolutely true - I have been so busy that the I have lost the direction in which I am travelling! Yet, your post reminded me just how much I love the sea and while I have to travel a little further than you to see it, the message is still the same.
    Thank you for sharing, hope you ate lots of yummy figolli
    Josefa xx

  9. Love being "blissfully lost" :-)

  10. The sea soothes me, as well. Lovely capture of that turquoise water - I'll bet it was even more beautiful in person!

  11. What a delightful walk, love the turquoise and sapphire blues!

  12. And you said your thought was in a jumble? Not so, dear Loree! You always seem to pull words together to make such a great escape for my soul, and with your photos too.

  13. What a beautiful excursion ! the sea has the same effect on me it makes me feel calm and serene.


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