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Friday, 21 June 2013

Fabulous Fridays: Summer

It’s here again, the crazy season. Notwithstanding the rather cool temperatures we had last week, I never doubted it would make it’s appearance. And this week, summer made its grand debut. You could say it arrived with a vengeance - the temperature at 7.30am this morning was 29C.

I could yearn for the freshness of spring or I can look forward to a new season, new expectations, new adventures. We do have some plans. There’s the Mischief  Maker’s room to re-decorate; trips to the beach; a vacation; new books to read; a few parties to organise; photos to take; memories to make.

So much as I’d like our summers to look like this …

Cornwall 193

I know that they won’t, and that the fact that they look like this instead …

First Swim of the Year (9)

is not so bad after all.

So, what are your plans this summer?


  1. As soon as this weekend (i.e. our Midsummer celebration) has come to an end I'll have to continue sorting out the extra stuff accumulated at our place over the years. It's not good for you to stay put for more than a decade, I can assure you! And we'll also have to finish painting the house. These are the priorities for this summer and everything else (I hope there will be much of that) will be a bonus.

  2. Both those photos look amazing to me Loree! I face another two months of winter before I can even think about summer, my sister arrives in Malta this Wednesday so I will live vicariously through her travels xx

  3. Your summer plan sounds good to me! I am hoping to spend some time by the water some where!

  4. Summer ? what is summer ? We started summer in Belgium with 14° and rain and today I had to put the heating on ! I'll go to Eastburne (UK) in a month and hope that there is a little summer !

  5. Happy Summer holidays!

  6. Dear Loree - your summer plans look swell to me. Hope you and hubby and Mischief Maker get some rest and relaxation. Have a great week.

  7. Books and the beach sound like a winning summer combination, to me :)

  8. Both images of summer are equally fabulous to me....


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