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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Stroll Around The City

It was Mnarja eve. In days gone by, young couples would hitch their donkey, or their mule, to a cart and ride to Buskett, to celebrate a festival which, although heavily Christianized, has its roots entrenched in paganism: Luminaria – the feast of lights.
Valletta (1)
It was Mnarja eve. The Mischief Maker had a party and my husband had a work function. I was free for a couple of hours, free to do as I pleased. So I took my camera for a walk in the grid-like streets of  Valletta. It is strange, our capital city, enclosed as it is by its massive walls. While other cities sprawl and grow, ours has remained the same for centuries. I parked right in front of the monastery of St Ursula, home to an order of cloistered nuns and, as always, wondered what it felt like to live forever in seclusion. From there I wandered, without rhyme or reason, just hoping to discover the je ne sais quoi.
Imnarja Eve 057
It was Mnarja eve. Some streets were deserted – left to their shadows; left to their dreams. I eavesdropped behind the open doors of a church as the sound of the evening hymns floated lazily towards the cornflower-blue sky.
Imnarja Eve 058
I walked down steps and across bridges; beneath the unseeing eyes of long-dead saints; past decaying brothels of yesteryear; until I reached the harbour and the vast expanse of the open sea. The sea – always the sea; never far from my thoughts and forever in my dreams.
Imnarja Eve 054
Imnarja Eve 060
It was  Mnarja eve. I shook myself out of my reverie and reluctantly put my camera away. It was time to pick the Mischeif Maker up. Time to exchange dreams for reality.
Imnarja Eve 063
Location: Valletta, June 2013


  1. That last sentence so encapsulates how I envision the way your soul works, Loree.

  2. What a romantic stroll through a deserted town where the time stood still !

  3. Dear Loree - your words, your pictures, move me as always. Such history so close. I can see how the writer in you thrives in such a magical place. Thank you your lovely postcard. I will be sending you one soon. Take care and have a great week-end.

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your leisurely walk about the city. :)

  5. You make the city of Valletta look so magical in your post. It's always a pleasure reading you!
    My compliments for the beautiful photographs.

  6. Such a beautiful stroll through town with gorgeous photos, Loree!

  7. My comments echo those already posted but are no less sincere and grateful.

  8. I love the touches of red everywhere. Thank you for taking us along on your rambles...

  9. I see your beautiful pictures Loree and sometimes sit here in disbelief that Malta does really exist in the same time and space that I exist here. Beautiful post, beautiful photos x


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