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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


It always takes me by surprise, like a schoolgirl caught napping during French lessons. One minute it’s Halloween, and November stretches out before me with the promise that there is enough time to get things done. But, before I have the chance to blink twice, Thanksgiving is looming and, after that, the fairy lights of Christmas won’t be far off. Everything is rushing towards the final curtain and I am not sure I am ready for Auld Lang Syne just yet. The pace has started to quicken. I feel weary. Weary of all that remains to be done. Weary, like a traveller who has walked a thousand miles but now needs to sprint through the final hundred.
Valletta on a Sunday (27)-001
November. It’s such a melancholy month. They call it ‘the month of the dead’ here and, even though the sun shines nearly every day, it fills me with a strange feeling of sadness that I cannot quite shake off. That, coupled with a restlessness caused by certain local events, have not been very conducive to writing. I wish I did not feed so much off of the emotions of those around me. But that’s the way I’m wired. From time to time, I still stop to wonder whether I’ve found my voice yet; whether I should be writing for myself or for an audience. So many questions; so much to think about.
Valletta on a Sunday (29)
November will soon be a hazy memory. A month of dying days, impossible deadlines, sweet melancholy, Downtown Abbey (yes, I have finally given in), Tommy Lee (I’m sure you’re all thinking that Downtown Abbey and Tommy Lee make a strange combination, and I agree) and soul-searching. Perhaps I have stayed in my cocoon for too long. It’s time  to spread my wings and fly. Maybe November has served its purpose after all.
Valletta on a Sunday (31)
Art Recycles Art Exhibition, Strait Street, Valletta
November 2012


  1. Interesting post
    I feel its best to write from your feelings, and after the character or scene develops, give in to them.

  2. Loree - I so agree with you regarding Christmas and all the holiday functions. I always managed to get through but this year I am really having difficulty getting started. It will come and go whether I am prepared or not (LOL). Hope you enjoy the rest of November - God Bless.

  3. i am a fan of Downton Abbey. I wish I were Lady Mary. hahahah

  4. November makes me sad too!Yet the sun shines bright here too in California.I like your reasoning…..too much to do!You definitely need to be writing to share……….you have a way with the pen!

  5. Living in such a sunny place, I sort of miss the grey Novembers of my youth in the midwest. (Also November is my birthday month, and how can one be too sad when presents are forthcoming?) But I do understand the reality of grey skies, physically and emotionally, and hope that yours will be filled with more sunshine, very soon.

  6. I feel like you and here it's even worse. Grey, foggy, humid ! It's the worst month of the year. Depending very much on light I have a special lamp for luminositherapy which avoids seasonal depressions. But of course you have enough light, so there must be another explanation.

  7. I feel that Christmas will come before I can catch my breath. I always say that I will be low key but this year I plan to follow that advice. I much prefer to enjoy each season and not put so much pressure on myself, especially with things I should be enjoying.
    xoxo, B

  8. This time of the year is usually very unsettling to me for some reasons! Gray days begin, brown trees, brown earth..yes, and then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, New Year..rushing in, and still gray days left for a while..

    Downton Abbey, can't wait for season 4 to begin..


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