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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sunset at the Great Salt Lake

USA 2013 665
Sometimes, the best thing about a trip is not so much the trip itself but the memories we take away with us. Because, like everything else, a trip will come to an end but the memories we make will last a life-time.
USA 2013 668
My husband’s best friend has lived in Salt lake City for the past 20 years. He knows the coolest places to visit; the best sights to see. So we got off the highway and onto a bumpy dirt road, till we came to the shores of the Great Salt Lake. We wanted to see the sunset but the sun had other plans.  It hid behind the clouds and veiled itself in the summer haze.
USA 2013 672-002
So we made the most of what we had: sharing precious moments with a special friend; getting a kick out of the cheeky seagulls and capturing the fleeting light on the glass-like surface of the Great Salt Lake.
USA 2013 678
USA 2013 674
It was such an isolated spot; could have been such a romantic spot. Clearly, others before us had thought so too.
USA 20131-001
It was getting dark. Time to say good-bye. Time for one last photo of the Great Salt Lake.
USA 2013 679
Location: the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Utah
August 2013
If you would still like to see the sunset at the Great Salt Lake, go here.


  1. Ugh! Loathsome graffiti! I wish people would take a long view of things.

    I was surprised to see another vacation post. Very nice, overall. :)

  2. BEautiful photos… the light dancing on the water is exquisite.

  3. I have been there together with my American aunt and uncle in 1971, it still looks beautiful !

  4. Loree - your words at the beginning about vacations coming to an end but the memories last captured my heart. How true it is too. Lovely pictures of Salt Lake - I have never been there so thank you for sharing my friend. Have a beautiful day. Hope you are making some great memories today as well.

  5. "Sometimes, the best thing about a trip is not so much the trip itself but the memories we take away with us."

    Spoken like a true writer, Loree. Wonderful images :))

  6. The lake is BELLISIMA......beautiful post on a beautiful day here in California.
    Tell me are you and your husband both Americans?I thought he was MALTESE............


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