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Friday, 31 January 2014

Fabulous Fridays: Zebras

After some thought, I’ve decided to bring back Fabulous Fridays. For those who are new here, Fabulous Fridays is where I talk about anything fun, cute or frivolous – whether it is a favourite quote, a new blog or book I’ve discovered, products I can’t live without or just some photos from my travels (saying that makes me  sound like the fabled Gulliver). My main aim is to share something short and light-hearted before the weekend and then get down to the more serious stuff on some other day of the week; and I will end each post with my favourite song for that particular week – the one which I sing while I’m driving or when no one else can hear me. How does that sound?

USA 2013 070

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired this week. I desperately need to go out and take photos. It’s quite amazing what a balm to my soul photography is. Digging through my archives I came across these  photos that I took last summer.

USA 2013 071

I used to tell my son that zebras are ponies in pyjamas. He doesn’t believe that anymore, of course. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that they are absolutely cute and huggable.

USA 2013 073

I hate it when I watch wildlife documentaries and see them hunted down by lions or ambushed by crocodiles. That’s the sad reality of the food chain in the natural world though and, notwithstanding my mixed feelings about zoos, it’s nice to know  that these particular zebras are safe from any lurking prey.

USA 2013 075

I hope they have made you smile.

USA 2013 076

Zebras photographed at St Louis Zoo, August 2013

Singing along to:


  1. Those stripes are what you call a lack of inspiration? :-) Love them!

    There's a surprise today on VDP. Thought you might like to try your luck...

  2. Very nice shots Loree. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Those ZEBRAS had wonderful stripes!I would like one or all three!
    I look forward to FABULOUS FRIDAYS!

  4. I love zebras, too (and these are lovely photos.) I know what you mean about photography nurturing your soul, too...

  5. Your zebra pictures are absolutely gorgeous ! I too think that they are wearing pajamas, lol !
    You are right, to take photos is relaxing and a balm for my soul too !

  6. Zebras are fascinating critter to me, and I am mesmerized by their stripes..I also can't stomach watching them got hunt down by lions and such..but I have to comfort myself that is the law of nature!

  7. These are stunning shots - I am a big fan of black and white so love these! How cool that you were at 'my' zoo in the 'Lou'!

  8. Ah Loree - your Zebras are absolutely the best. I am afraid they don't make me think of pajamas. Maybe more like prison uniforms (see I have been watching too much television). As for the song - very lovely - I am picturing you singing it as you drive to work. Thanks for making me smile.

  9. Loree, I love the ponies in pyjamas idea! Brilliant! And thanks for the lovely photos too. :)

  10. Love love love the zebras and I love more the idea that they are ponies in pj's!


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