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Friday, 7 March 2014

Fabulous Fridays: March

Picnic at Dwejra (92)

Excuse my rather long absence – things have been rather hectic at this end. March is here and since it never does anything by half measures, it rushed in on the wings of a strong wind and heavy rainfall. I think I love it best out of all the months of the year. And for good reason – because it gets really pretty around here at this time. It doesn’t last long, but while it does, I will be enjoying every minute of it. I hope you’re all starting to feel spring stirring. I am in a bit of a mad rush but I’ll be back with more about March and me next week.

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  1. Loree - the island looks so those flowers...hope things settle down and you really enjoy this month now. Thanks for sharing as always friend - have a great week-end.

  2. Loree, I dig the black Chucks in the ballet sequence of the video you linked. I'd love to walk a hundred miles. I really would.

    Happy March, my love! I've been reading a lot of good books lately and the bookmark you sent me has been holding my spot in all of them. Makes me happy. I'm glad this month is making you happy, too. :)

  3. Right now today I love March also. It has been simply a beautiful day for walking and the buds are getting ready to bloom. And, I discovered a new beautiful clean safe park and so March is good. I love the field of flowers.

  4. Great to have you back. I too love March. It is the beginning of out autumn in the southern hemisphere, when the angle and hues of the light through the trees and windows has a magic of its own.

  5. Hello Loree,

    'A little girl with great big plans' that is a wonderful way to go through life and we suspect that this can be very much applied to you.

    March does seem to be the perfect month for you, coming in as it does with such energy and heralding the Spring with all its beauty, hope and promise for the future.

    We are pleased to see you in the land of Blog. It is a happier place when you are here!

  6. March is lovely here, too… I hope you take lots of photos of your beautiful wildflowers and share them with us!

  7. We have wonderful weather here for the moment ! That's good for the mood !

  8. March is here, and it begins to ease up a bit as far as weather concerns for us too. It has warm days and it has brutal days, but is a bit closer to spring!

  9. Enjoy your MARCH!Spring is my favorite time of year!However, the deer arrived last night before we got the fencing up!Those adorable gorgeous beasties!!!!!Ate my TULIPS!!!

  10. Enjoy that brief but beautiful spring!


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