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Sunday, 27 July 2014

London Is …

Leafy, green parks
London 682
Famous landmarks
Red, double-decker buses
London 072
The Tube
London 070
Pomp and pageantry
London 570
Forgotten cemeteries
Quaint pubs
Famous department stores
London_Phone 117
The Thames
London 533
London 606
London 648
A little bit country
London 690
A little bit rock ‘n roll
London 662
A place I fell in love with then I was eight years old and that I don’t get to visit often enough.
A city you will be hearing more about in the coming weeks …
Photographed in various locations in London, July 2014


  1. Beautiful pictures. I will look forward to reading more stories on your trip.
    Have a great week.


  2. London is my childhood city and you have just made me travel back in time... :-)

  3. Your photos totally sum up London :-) God I love London :-) Hope you're having a great time Loree!

  4. Your photos totally sum up London :-) God I love London! Hope you're having a great time Loree :-)

  5. Fabulous photos! I love the pretty green park and the river. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  6. Oh Loree - these are beautiful pictures. London is a place I have always wanted to visit. Will be looking forward to more visits there with you. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Wow..your London trip looked marvelous and amazing. You found so many wonderful things to see too!

  8. You have a genius for photographing flowers, Loree. I love the blue rooster! It appears you got to enjoy nice weather while you were there. Looking forward to more posts on your trip to London. :)

  9. Fortunately we don't have the same pictures ! I just was there last Thursday and will be back again for a day on August 5th. I love this city too !

  10. Hello Loree,

    We are loathe to say this as we always used to believe they if one tires of London one tires of Life itself, but these days we really find London so overwhelming. It is,of course, filled with all manner of exciting and interesting things. Indeed, its museums are possibly wonders of the world. But it is so very crowded and eye wateringly expensive. We wished we loved it more.....

  11. so you are on vacay - looks like a fantastic trip!

    can't wait to read more about it (and see fotos......)

  12. Dear Loree, a beautiful collection of photos! I especially love the flowers and blue rooster. I hope you had a lovely vacation. xx, B

  13. I agree Loree, you can never get enough of London!! How amazing, it seems we were there at the same time!! Your photos are absolutely stunning!!


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