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Thursday, 18 September 2014

That Elusive Something

My son’s friend turned eight yesterday. So a bonfire was the order of the day (or rather, night). We cooked sausages on sticks and toasted marshmallows to make Smores, their melted gooiness sticking to our fingers and faces, as the velvety darkness caressed our skin and the crickets sang their humble serenade. It was the last hurrah, the final nod to summer before saying farewell. School starts next week; and it will all begin all over again.
Steven and Cristina 030
I made many plans before summer started but the days relentlessly  marched on, turning into weeks and then months, as I floundered around trying to find some respite from the heat and not accomplishing mush else. It is the story of every summer. Or at least, it is my story - of hours wasted, lounging behind shuttered windows, desperately seeking that elusive something – the something that the French call the je ne sais quoi.
Steven and Cristina 049
Because summer, you see, is about making memories. It is about looking back, many years later, and forgetting the heat and the humidity and the pesky bugs and remembering only those moments that stand out in time because of their simplicity and the heart-warming feelings that they evoke.
Steven and Cristina 047
Time always flies beyond our reach and I always seem to be standing on a figurative threshold, trying to catch it in a gossamer web of words and images. For soon, all that we are now will be but a shadow and all that is will become but a moment of laughter on a lilting summer breeze.
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  1. My adult children often talk about their childhood holidays spent together as a family or with their grandparents. They are indeed the stuff from which wonderful memories are made. There is always a feeling of "back to the grind" when school recommences, but there's also simplicity and comfort in routine. Warm regards.

  2. Sounds like a fun evening, surely one that will be remembered fondly.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son's friend.
    Your description of summer is spot on.

  4. There are a few things that I still remembered when doing things with family. My dad used to take us on road trips, and those I can't forget.

  5. Summer is a WONDERFUL time even with humidity and BUGS!It's a time to move slow and RELAX too!Why do we always have to be doing something?!!We feel so guilty if we areNOT.Especially as MOTHER'S!I think YOU had a Beautiful GOT OFF THAT ISLAND a few times!Back to school............back to routine.IT's all good cause it will come to a slamming stop too soon!IT will I promise and you will miss the homework and the get up get up were going to be late screech from within YOU!XXX

  6. You're so right Loree, no amount of bugs can ruin those sweet Summer memories!

  7. You are such a gorgeous writer Loree with such a unique voice. This was amazing. Merci...

  8. You describe the evanescence of life so beautifully, especially the last line.

  9. Loree you managed to put into words so eloquently the feelings of time passing and those summer days that fly by. So enjoyed the feeling you evoked about Mischief Maker and friend and the last hurrah of this season. Hope you are looking forward to autumn. Have a beautiful week.

  10. We didn't have a lot of summer this year ! I can count the days I was able to sit in our garden on my fingers ! Fortunately I was lucky each time I was away, even when I was in England !


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