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Friday, 26 February 2016

Fabulous Fridays - Colours

When I was a little girl, I remember someone telling me that dogs don't quite see as many colours as we do, that the colours they see are rather muted - and I felt so sad. I couldn't imagine going through life without experiencing the vibrant hues that we so take for granted. I know that there are people who love to surround themselves with neutrals - and neutrals are always safe. Safe, and as some other people would say, predictable and boring.

Turquoise yarn we'd love to knit into a sweater:

Image via Ball and Skein

But I really love to surround myself with colour - especially when it comes to my clothes. Red, ruby red to be exact, has always been one of my favourites. I also love turquoise and all its variants, fuchsia, chartreuse, and I have recently started to develop a bit of a thing for tangerine.

electric pink silk:

Image via Dye for Yarn on Etsy

Truth be told, I don't shy away from too many colours but I refuse to wear mustard or what I like to call St Patrick's green. I guess it's a good thing I'm not Irish.

                                                                                   I can't get enough of this color - especially paired with burnt orange or coral or matte silver grey ... love it!:

Image via ZsaZsa Bellagio

So it probably won't come as a surprise if I had to tell you that when I open the doors of my wardrobe, it looks like a rainbow exploded in there. I try to make some sense out of the chaos by grouping colours together: pinks and reds and all the shades of turquoise, interspersed with those ever-trendy non-colours: white and black.

 Toxic Tomato OOAK - BFL Sock Yarn Superwash

                  Image via Dye for Wool on Etsy

Colours are wonderful things. They are capable of cheering us up; changing our appearance. Good colours light up our faces and make us stand out. Colours are strongly tied up with human emotions and traditions. Black was the colour of mourning in Europe. In Japan it is white. Orange is the preferred colour of buddhist monks.  Purple is the colour of royalty. Native Americans believe that turquoise signifies life. The Irish believe that green is lucky. Locally, I have met people who think it is unlucky. Every culture has its own colour symbolism. The list is as fascinating as it is endless and it is a subjest I will return to on Fabulous Fridays from time to time.

The wonderful world of color...:

Image via The Atlantic

And what about you - what colours do you love and which ones, if any, do you absolutely hate? Are there colours you are superstitious about? Are you able to define one single, favourite colour? Do tell. I would love to know.

This five-minue quiz is supposed to give you and insight into your personality. I have to admit that mine was pretty accurate.

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  1. Dear Loree- my favorite color to wear is red or black-love fuschia and turquoise too. Yellow is my least favorite color. Took your quiz- fun! Have a super weekend. Hugs!

    1. It looks like we love the same colours, Debbie.

  2. YOU MUST KNOW I ADORE COLOR.....very little black in my closet!SO, WE DO HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON Besides BOYS!!!!!!!!Now show us YOU In your RAINBOW WARDROBE PLEASE..........xx.

    1. I had absolutely no doubt that you love colours. You are the colour queen.

  3. I love turquoise, Chartreuse, aubergine and pale sky blue. Yet, my closet is full of gray and black. I took the color test twice because I couldn't decide on the first best. Both results feel too critical and nearly the same despite different color choices.

  4. I am like you I love a colorful world ! My kitchen is red and white and there are lots of reds or orange in the whole house. My favorite colors for clothes are red and turquoise. I love green in the nature, but not as a color for other things ! This new fashion of white and dark grey, or black or brown with white furniture which they call "zen" I don't like at all and it doesn't make me "zen" at all !

  5. My favorite color is turquoise - so nice to learn that it signifies life in Native American culture.

  6. I think you hit them all Loree, to your rainbow explosion, I can add a pattern explosion, especially paisley...I love paisleys. I went off to the dressmaker yesterday to have a few shirts made.. I went through all the colours and ended up with a stack of purple. I think I just answered your question! ;)


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