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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Searching for answers

I did not mean to go so long between posts but for the past month I have sat at my laptop night after night hoping that, against all odds, I would be flooded with a dose of inspiration. But it hasn't happened yet; and chances are that it will not happen any time soon. It's been a rough month, not just for myself but for the whole country. A lot has happened here and none of it was good. It's a long story, but in an effort to keep it as simple as possible (and also because political discussions are not my forte) I will just say that  four years ago the people voted in a new political party. While in government, this party systematically incapacitated the different institutions necessary to ensure separation of power and the proper functioning of democracy. It did this by, to put it prosaically, lining the palms of  many with silver - many times over, and placing buddies and 'persons of trust' in positions in which they have no business to be. Evidence was also brought to light that high ranking officials in our government, including the Prime Minister himself, were involved in corrupt practices and money laundering. An election was called, a year early, and the people voted to return these crooks to power. I have been trying to come to terms with this decision. I have been trying to understand why human beings can be so perverse at times. Unfortunately, I am still without answers and I doubt I will ever find them.

Ghar Lapsi (7)

As many of you know, I can usually be found tightly ensconced in my own little cocoon, surrounded only by the people and things I love; the little world I retreat to in an effort to regenerate myself. I do not usually stray out of it for very long. But, during the past months, I have had to. I have had to stop and take a good, long look at the outside world. And the sight that met my eyes was not pleasant. In some ways, I am still reeling from the shock. I am finding it very hard to get back to my safe cocoon. Truthfully, I don't think I have quite found my way yet and I feel like someone who is in the wilderness - even the gentle buzzing of words in my head has ceased. Instead of my little dream world, inhabited by half-finished stories and jumbles of sentences, I am forced to acknowledge the harsh reality that my fellow countrymen and women have either not understood what is going on or, worse, they have and they just don't care. Either way, I have to revert to who I used to be before this whole debacle turned the world as I knew it, the world where right is right and wrong is wrong, on its head.Ghar Lapsi (8)

Maybe I am not being entirely fair but, right now, I feel as if a dark cloud hangs over this small country. Whereas before all this started I sought out the things that made me smile  and soothed my soul - the pretty, quirky, quaint things - now I can only see the blemishes and the scars; the potholes in our roads; the rubbish that people leave indiscriminately anywhere and everywhere; the inconsiderate drivers; the general lack of manners. It makes me feel that the island I so loved to write about has changed beyond recognition and I have become a stranger in my own country. It is not a good feeling. But now that I have got all of that off my chest I will try to find my way back home again.Ghar Lapsi (22)-001


  1. Sadly, the current world situation is most upsetting to so many of us Lorree. Energies are being wasted on graft and corruption as many worldwide politicians who should never be voted in once, let alone twice, take us all down a rocky road. . . . . . . .to goodness knows what kind of future. Kindness has been forgotten and hurting the innocent makes each day's news appalling. I too don't want to do political ranting and raving on my blog - that's not what I'm here for - but please know I understand where you're coming from and I hope and pray your tiny country fares better soon.
    I did find my quick stop in Malta lovely though - a very different landscape after Sicily. It was very hot and I wasn't feeling well with the bug I'd caught, but I did enjoy seeing Valletta and taking a few photos, and will do a post soon. My favorite time was during the drive to the airport, following disembarkation the next day, when we were taken to Marsaxlokk for a quick stop to see the colorful fishing boats in the early morning - everything looked beautiful and peaceful there in the sunshine!
    I hope you feel happier and more relaxed soon dear and that dark cloud recedes. Take care of yourself.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Dear Loree - I so understand how you are feeling...I think greed has managed to take the whole world its captive. Rights are made to be wrong and wrongs to be made right. In this time and place life is far from perfect or ideal. Keep "looking up" sweet friend. Hugs!

  3. I missed this post, I must admit that I am rather lazy in blogging for the moment I have a lack of inspiration ! I wanted to answer you per email but I am not sure that it is you because there is a Lorrie could you please confirm your mail ? Concerning Ireland, if you live in a country where it always rains like I in Belgium, you certainly would wish to return to Mlta !!

  4. It is mind boggling how some people manage to get elected. Hopefully, somehow things will get better soon. I love your wildflower pictures!

  5. I don't know what happened but I can't find your email adress anymore ! Could you please send me a mail, so that I can answer to your comments ?


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