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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Paragraph Planet

I have recently started submitting paragraphs to the Paragraph Planet website. This site accepts paragraphs from both professional and amateur writers. Each paragraph has to be exactly 75 words, including the title. Each day a new paragraph is chosen as the feature paragraph of the site. My first submission, entitled ‘Longing for Rain’ went online on May 12. I also submitted another two paragraphs which will be featured during the summer months.
Some may question the rationale behind a 75 word paragraph. It is, indeed, a very short piece of writing, just a few lines; a very brief glimpse into whichever world the writer wants to take you. Of course, many times, the reader is left wanting more. For this reason it is possible for another writer to submit a sequel paragraph. I find it an enjoyable writing exercise and more than a little fun – a 75 word challenge; an exercise in being brief. And that’s the whole idea behind Paragraph Planet – brevity - in this oh-so-fast-paced world.
I will leave you with my little snippet and look forward to all your comments.

Longing for Rain

I lay on the bed, the sheets drenched in my sweat. Hot desert air wafted in from the window. The noises from the souk had gradually died down until an uncanny silence filled the air. I longed for the verdant fields of England and the feel of cool, cleansing rain. But circumstances had me living here in Algiers. Suddenly, the shrill cry of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer shattered the silence.


  1. That was a wonderful description, Loree! And yes, more please...

  2. Loree, this is beautiful!! Very descriptive. I can see why your 75 words were chosen - those few words say a heck of a lot!!

  3. Thank you all. Your comments mean a lot to me and help me stay encouraged.

  4. Fantastic! So much description and life in so few words!

  5. I like the pictures on your blog and mostly your template.
    Very interesting blog.

  6. "verdant fields of England" - You know that just makes me want to see England all the more Loree!!! That's a great paragraph. :)

  7. Your word picture is lovely and I admire anyone who has the talent to write, have fun!

    The Raggedy Girl

  8. Loree,

    You have an award waiting for you at :

    Stop by when you have time!


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