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Thursday, 26 September 2013

I Fell In Love With Jenny Lake

Usually, I fall in love with old, old towns. Towns with weird names like San Gimignano, Mousehole and our own Mdina. They are generally places with a story to tell and many secret memories to share. And that’s what I like about them – peeling away their todays to discover their yesterdays.
USA 2013 821
But sometimes, I fall in love with sweeping landscapes; with the incomparable architecture of a Higher Power. They are locations so majestic, so seemingly unchanging that, to them, our stories are but whispers in the wind. Jenny Lake is one of those places. Framed by the Grand Tetons and ringed by  enormous fir trees, it emanates an aura  of serenity; a feeling, that in a transient world it was, is and will be, until the end of time.
USA 2013 822
USA 2013 832
If I were there by myself, I would have sat at the shores of that lake till the sun went down and the stars came out. I couldn’t tell you what fascinated me the most – the lofty Tetons, their reflection in the pristine waters of the lake or that glimpse of the infinite that this spot was giving me. It was all just so heart-wrenchingly beautiful; so unabashedly perfect.
USA 2013 826
Why is it called Jenny Lake, I mused, as I walked through the fir trees, startling some noisy squirrels. And who was Jenny? A few steps away I found a plaque with my answer:
“The name Jenny Lake dates back to the Hayden Expedition of 1872 when Jenny Leigh, Shoshone Indian wife of Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh, assisted the expedition.”
USA 2013 856USA 2013 830
A lake named after a Shoshone Indian woman in one of the most awe-inspiring locations of North America – I don’t think it could have been more appropriate. Behind me, the encroaching trees were starting to obscure my view but I managed one final glimpse of the lake and with that glimpse, that incurable, romantic part of me that is so in touch with the fantastic and the bizarre, had the distinct impression that Jenny’s spirit would always roam there, keeping watch over the lands of her ancestors. Deep in my heart I walked away with the promise that one day I would return.
USA 2013 861
Location: Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Teton County, Wyoming, USA
August 2013
P.S. No, I do not think that Jenny Lake is haunted.


  1. Looks beyond beautiful Loree...

  2. Your last sentence made me smile. Loree, you do have a romantic spirit in touch not only with the bizarre and fantastic but the utterly beautiful and inspiring. This was a lovely post. I lift my cup to Jenny.

    1. Me too. Save that it is not a cup but a wine glass. ;)
      Loree, this was all so beautiful, between your prose and the gorgeous photos, I truly understand why it has called to you...and

  3. The lake and the scenery is really majestic and beautiful. If I was there, I wonder what I would feel, maybe in awe of the grandeur. Your words have me lost in time..

  4. Catching up on your blog. I love your pictures, and those pancakes look divine!

  5. Jenny Lake and the Tetons is one of the most beautiful of mountain locations in the entire USA--in my opinion. I traveled there many years ago, and my husband and I made the climb from the main road level up to the lake. Novice climbers that we were in the high elevation, we were out of breath by the time we reached the lake, and the first thing we did was to bend down and scoop up some of the cold, clear mountain water for refreshment. I've always wanted to go back, and maybe one of these days I will! You have to watch out, however, for the "skeeters," which sometimes seemed to be as big as bumblebees. :-)

  6. i can see why you would fall in love with this place. i adore the landscape of the tetons, there is nothing else like it. beautiful images, loree.

  7. It is my SONS birthday today and he is there right now in the GRAND TETONS!!!!!!!!!How apropos!!

  8. Ah Loree - this is so beautiful and your words transport me to the very feeling you had while there. What an interesting piece of history - this is a must see place for me. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  9. A wonderful collection of photos of this beautiful lake. I love seeing glimpses through other people's experiences of places that I have never been. I'm thrilled that you had such a lovely time on your U.S. trip. We both had wonderful adventures this summer!

  10. I can only say that I feel the same !

  11. It looks like it was a beautiful day when you visited Jenny Lake. I love the deep green color of the fir trees reflected in the water. :)

  12. What beautiful images! These photographs really showcase how majestic this place is. There is such beauty in our world. I love discovering new places, without even leaving the comfort of my chair, thank you xx


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