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Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Rock

This is a photo of a rock taken last winter when the wind was howling and the sea was raging. It just lay there embedded in the sand, surrounded by chaos. It was not a very big rock, and except for some furrows, its surface was, more or less, smooth to the touch – evidence that it had been tumbled by the sea and polished by the sand. How old was it? Where did it come from? Had it ever been part of a bigger rock? What strong currents and tempestuous seas had brought it to this shore? So simple an object; so great a mystery.
And now that the season has changed, the winds have died and the sea is calm, where is it? Is it still there buried in the sand? Or has the sea carried it away, dragging it along its depths and depositing it on some other shore, in some other land? I wonder if I will ever see this rock again or if it has mutated and changed on this, or some other far-away shore, and been smashed into pieces - diminished, unrecognizable. And, when the years have taken their toll, will it be broken up into a million grains of sand to be trod on by the feet of future generations?


  1. This is some incredibly deep thinking. Now here am I studying this rock and wondering too!
    The Raggedy Girl

  2. That is a pretty cool looking rock! I hope it's not all in pieces just yet. I would have been tempted to try and carry that home.

  3. Is this one of the paragraph thing you do? I love have me wonder about the rock too!

  4. You and I have similar thought patterns. I would have wondered all of that myself. The sea is such a powerful force that I am often brought to ponder such possibilities.


  5. I appreciate all your comments. These were just some thoughts that came up when I was looking at the photo of the rock. It's amazing how easy it for me to just start pondering on the most mundane of things.

  6. Lorna......I will remind you where the rock is. You picked it up and threw it at me. :) Great write up and description of such a beautifully sculpted rock waiting to be painted. I am off to do just that. I love your writing and thorough descriptions that keeps the imagination going.


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