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Monday, 24 August 2009


The chilly March wind buffeted the first rose on the bush. My eyes filled with tears. It would always serve as a reminder of that warm day in June, over forty years ago, when Henry and I had first planted it. We had just got back from our honeymoon. He died last November, suddenly, in his sleep – a heart attack, probably painless. Now, all I have left are the memories – and one fragile rose.
And that was my latest submission to Paragraph Planet that went online on August 18. I need to get back on track and submit some more paragraphs but I am one of those people who flit from one thing to another. One moment I am all about writing. The next I am all about re-decorating. I wonder if there are more people like me or if I have just inherited my father's worse genes. I know he is like that too.
My husband took the photo of the rose last year when we were visiting his parents in America. My father in-law has many rose bushes with flowers of many different hues, smells and shapes. The photo was taken right after it had rained and I think it is really beautiful how the rain-drops looks like little diamonds on the delicate pink rose.
I've decided to write a short post today but hopefully will be back with a longer one later on during the week ... that is, if I don't get sidetracked by something else ;)


  1. That is a wonderful paragraph, Loree! The beginning of a beautiful story...and you're not alone in getting sidetrack! I'm like that also!

  2. Sorry for the sad event...that the rose brings to mind...but I imagine the memory of it's planting is comforting to you...

    I often get sidetracked from my grandchildren...but they're worth it!

  3. Great paragraph! I get side-tracked all the time. Often I make up my mind to do one thing then and find myself doing the opposite. So, I just go with the flow.

  4. I get side tracked quite a lot sometimes. Lately, I can't seem to decide which background to use for my blog so I keep changing it. Instead of doing paperwork today I did laundry. Some other day I'll do something else instead of laundry that needs doing and so on... and on...

  5. Loree,
    I have awards for both of your blogs on my blog!

  6. What a wonderful paragraph and yes I am going to bet the kind of women who blog do flit from one thing to another. I am sometimes amazed by how many projects I have going and how I will think nothing of starting another. I have been MIA for the summer but I am trying to get back into it now that most of our redecorating is almost done.

    The Raggedy Girl

  7. Lovely post and lovely rose too. I planted one when my aunt died. It smells devine and I always remember her when I sniff it.


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