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Monday, 17 August 2009

The Dog Days

We’re officially at that time of year, when the heat reaches its peak and so does the languidness in the air. In ancient times, the dog days in the northern hemisphere were between July 24 and August 24. I think that the ancients were right, for during this period an air of laziness seems to grip me. I try to work, to be productive but it is like I am fighting a fog in my brain. The air around me is hot and humid. And heavy. It is all I can do to keep my eyes open without falling into a blissful sleep. Big grey clouds are starting to roll in daily. But it doesn’t rain. It’s too early for that. On August 24 we celebrate the feast of Saint Bartholomew. The local legend goes that on that day the saint is given the keys to the heavens, to inaugurate the next rainy season. Soon thunderstorms will be brewing in the air, making everything from flies to humans pesky and irritable. I look up daily at the grey clouds, hoping that a few drops will fall onto the parched and dusty land. But it’s no use. It’s too early. I have to wait – for old Saint Bart to enter his keys into that heavenly lock.

In the meantime I have to have patience and try to write some coherent sentences. It seems that I cannot concentrate for long. My mind is elsewhere. I daydream of lying on a beach somewhere but instead, I am stuck at the office. I seem to have switched from writing to reading. I have rekindled my love for all things vintage by visiting the blogs of some very talented ladies who constantly revamp old items and make them look gorgeous. So that has set me onto the redecorating/revamping road. I have a thousand projects in my head. A hundred things I need to buy. I seem to be constantly popping in to Ebay and Etsy to try and find that elusive treasure. I daily wish that thrift stores and yard sales were more prolific here instead of practically nonexistent. All of this is going on (mostly in my head) while my dad and husband work on our yard. They’ve built a BBQ pit and are re-cladding the walls. There’s dust and debris everywhere. Our poor plants look very dejected and forlorn and no amount of spraying with water seems to help them. I guess that, like me, they’re waiting for the rain. Come on Saint Bart, we’re counting on you.


  1. I feel for you Loree! It shall pass..Hang in there, the rain will come, your spirit to the writing words will return..In the meantime, enjoy a couple of dog days!

  2. We seem to have had more than our share of rain this summer...would gladly send some your's getting ready to storm right now!
    Usually this time of year would find the ground cracked with dryness!

  3. Howdy Loree
    Oh my your words are always so beautiful to read.
    Saint Bart will be here soon and all will once again wonder when the rains are going to slow down .
    I love the photo of the work going on at your home .
    It is truly beautiful.
    The dust will settle down soon and the plants will be refreshed.
    Hang on sweet lady.
    I too yearn for the garage sales ,but alas they seem to always be in someone else's city not mine.
    I live in a military community where there are people constantly coming and going .
    The only thing I have surmised is that they either keep everything or a charity shop must come and pick it up after they move.
    There is one goodwill store but it is small on inventory and high on price.
    Not much fun .
    So like you I surf ebay and etsy daydreaming of the many projects rolling around in thoughts.
    Have a wonderful week .
    Thank you again for sharing your gift for the written word.
    Big hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  4. I am the same way in the heat. My eyes just keep wanting to close. I tend to do much better in cool weather. That is a beautiful blue sky picture. It's just like that Saint B to take his time isn't it?!

  5. This is probably why the Italians take the month of August off!

  6. Here in the desert we're having a dry "rainy" season with dark clouds and teasing thunder while plants are wilting and dropping leaves.

    I love the picture of the stonework project in your yard. Funny how the arrangement of rocks reminds me of flowing water.

  7. I've been having problems with foggy brain for the last few weeks as well. I'm really looking forward to fall, when hopefully I will be reinvigorated.

  8. Thanks to all for your comments.
    Loribeth: I think that the Italians have it right. I wish I could just pack up and leave every time August comes along.

    Terry: one day I am sure we will find that elusive thrift store/yard sale treasure :)


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