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Friday, 5 March 2010


A few thoughts provoked by some photos taken on vacation in charming Burano (June 2007).
I wandered slowly past colourful houses, Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (35)
the sun’s intense heat reflecting off the buildings and cobbled streets.Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (36)
I crossed a bridge Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (22)
and then another, Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (31)
sluggish canal water reflected the myriad colours.Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (30)
Each nook was a source of new wonder, a marriage of hues Venice -  June 2007 (98)
or a clash of colours, Venice -  June 2007 (103)
some vibrant, some muted.Venice -  June 2007 (94)
A house crowned with flowers.Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (25)
A street market.Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (24)
A church with a leaning tower.Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (26)
A breezy square.Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (32)
Reds and yellows.Venice -  June 2007 (80)
Browns and greens …Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (27)
A rainbow of colours providing cheer on all but the greyest of days.
(All photos marked D. Dykstra were taken by my husband. I had not yet converted to digital photography and all my photos were taken with a trusty Pentax using film.)


  1. I love all the different colors of houses, the hanging baskets of flowers and even the laundry. Everything looks so charming!

  2. Loved the market photo and all the colorful buildings squished in between the bridges.

  3. That reminds me so much my holidays at the Garda Lake ! these colorful houses are so pretty !

  4. What a gorgeous place to be! So many different colors, and beautiful scenes to see.

  5. beautiful..the array of colors is such fun and so pretty! Charming it!!

  6. I love the quaint buildings and the vibrance of their colours. I bet you didn't know where to look first.

  7. Very cool. Loved the marriage of hues and the house crowned with flowers.

  8. Ahh Burano, we enjoyed a day trip there in much the same heat of summer. Beautiful place and pictures!

  9. hello loree, thanks for commenting on my blog. your photos are beautiful! saluti dalla california! - R.

  10. I love this place. I will definitely go on holiday here.

  11. Love it! What a fantastic rainbow! Love the photos.
    Oh, my... another place to put on my list of places to go. So, June?

  12. What a beautiful place. Your photos are picture postcard perfect. I can almost feel the sunlight through them! =)


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