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Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Secrets of the Shell

Have you ever held a shell to you ear?
Study of a Seashell (11)
And listened to its secrets?
Study of a Seashell (8)
Have you ever heard the tale it has to tell?
Study of a Seashell (9)
Of deep blue seas and crashing waves?
Treasure chests and mermaids?
Have you ever been enthralled
By the mystery of its song?
Study of a Seashell (12)
By the whispers of its soul?
Study of a Seashell (13)
By the silence of its voice?
     Study of a Seashell (14)


  1. Loree, this reminds me of my childhood days... of how awesome it seemed to me then, that I could hear the sound of crashing waves come from within that shell.
    Beautiful pictures!
    One more lovely post!

  2. Beautiful words and images. My favorite is the last one. Looks like the shell could keep some secrets.

  3. Loree ... this was precisely the quiet moment of meditation and simplicity that I desperately needed at this moment. Beautiful. Thank you.

  4. Gorgeous photos of the shell in monochrome Loree..I used to try so hard to listen for the ocean from the shell when I was younger too.

    You brought back great memories for me..

  5. What a perfect shell in your photos...they are really neat shots!

  6. Beautiful pictures ! I remember when I was a child I liked to listen to the "waves" lol !

  7. Such a thoughtful and original thing to do. I was inspired by your words and lovely pictures.

  8. Beautiful white on black photos, Loree. Book worthy!

  9. awesome shell. Enthralled by the silence of it's voice = very profound.

  10. Super beautiful..lovely photos!

  11. A beautiful post. It made me feel calm and serene. It also reminded me of my childhood.

  12. Totally awesome pictures, love the effect of shots from different angels. Great verses too...'the mystery of its song' and 'the silence of its voice' bring home visions of the mysteries of the sea, well done Loree : )

    I see my sister, Crafty Sue, has found her way here too! I hope this goes through this time as I have had problems posting on your blog before ...but I keep coming back to try again!

  13. Beautiful ... looks so delicate and for some reason is reminding me of lace or the ruffled neck pieces in old portrait paintings ... I know that is a weird association for a shell but there your have it!


  14. I, too, am reminded of my childhood days holding seashells to my ear as I listened for the magic inside. What wonderful prose!


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