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Friday, 26 March 2010

Shuttered Windows

There is something about shuttered windows … something secretive … something mysterious.
Birgu 110
There’s a hint of romance …
Paris - Lorna's Day 3 (77) 
… and more than a little whimsy.
But  best of all, shuttered windows take me back to my childhood days. I remember standing behind the shutters of my  great-grandmother’s house, on hot summer days, and looking down on the street below. My great-aunt used to tell me that it wasn’t good manners to hide behind the shutters and eavesdrop. But I was four years old and did not pay too much attention to etiquette.
Tuscany 218
For me it was just a game. Hiding in the shadows and watching … listening. Did I learn any secrets? Perhaps. Will I share them with you? No …  that would be telling. Go listen at the windows … shhh … perhaps you’ll learn some secrets too.
Mdina (36)


  1. I love shutters, although I only have them on the inside of my bathroom windows. Your photos are all nice, Loree, but my favorite is the 3rd one, it's so rustic...although the last one is the prettiest.

  2. I like all of the intriguing shutters you found. Shutters remind me of my house in California.

  3. I really like your last photo of the shuttered window with the lace umbrellas!

  4. Wow..They are gorgeous in their own rights! Beautiful window, Loree!

  5. Loree, great photography!
    The only shutters I have are the doors of my bedroom wardrobe... yes they're made in shutters and there's a lot of stuff and secrets hiding behind them... LOL!
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I love shuttered windows. I have just salvaged 1940's blue ones from village shop. They are part of my garden decor now.

  7. I never really thought about shuttered windows that way. Thank you for giving me some new images. I have an award for you at my blog.

  8. Hi Loree, I always enjoy looking at the different windows, shades and shutters around our island and loved seeing the pics you fav. would be the last two!
    Great writing as always : )
    I too have a friendly award for you, stop by my Whimsical Blog when you have time.

  9. Howdy Loree
    You always find a way to reach deep inside my heart :)
    I am truly in awe of the magic and mystery that lurks behind shutters.
    Shutters are so romantic and full of stenghth they provide elegance to ones life while keeping you safe from the storms that often come out of no where.
    Thank you Loree for sharing your gift of words and images .
    They are all truly touching and most appreciated .
    Blessings of joy to you and yours.
    Hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  10. I am with you! LOVE shutters. My building has them but they don't shut so ... I suppose they aren't really shutters if they don't shut.
    Faux shutters? Futters? ;)

  11. Shutters remind me the first summers I spent in my Italian family and the whole day they were closed to keep the heat out ! For me it was terrible to live with electric light, lol !
    Now I find them romantic !

  12. Shutters are such romantic and beautiful architectural elements to me. And your take on them has made the even moreso for me now.

  13. Shutters, secrets, and romance! Your pictures and insights are wonderful! I see so little in comparison to you. I wish I had your eye!

    I hope you won't mind if I give you another blog award. You don't need to do the whole blog thingy, just accept it in appreciation for your work.

  14. I just came from Mary Anne Gruen's blog. She's right - these are beautiful. I've always loved viewing windows and doors.

  15. Hooray! Another Malta blog! If you like original music, come see my giveaway.

  16. So gorgeous and enchanting Loree!! Fabulous post! BEAUTIFUL photos...and wonderful read! I love shutters too..and such charm and mystery they hold! well said!

  17. Window shutters always have an air of mystery about them.
    I love the lace umbrellas in the room behind the last window.

  18. This made me smile. One day I will live in a palazzo with shuttered windows.


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