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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

And Then The Clouds Rolled In

Rainy days 001    The thunder roared.
Rainy days 002
And the rain poured down.
Rainy days 003
It’s been a cloudy, rainy weekend and more rain is forecast for the rest of the week. I have loved every minute of it. The perfect weather to curl up and read. Something which I have neglected to do for quite a while. And although sometimes I miss the longer daylight hours of spring and summer, there is something deeply satisfying about closing the shutters, drawing the curtains and cocooning oneself inside a cozy house listening to the rain drumming a tattoo on the ground and losing myself in whatever real or imaginary world a good book will always take me.
Rainy days 005


  1. Sounds so relaxing. I like to sleep when it rains. There's just something about the rain that always make me feel like sleeping or sometimes indulge in a warm cup of tea or cocoa.

  2. Hi Loree,
    I was wishing it would rain some more today, it didn't, not in our area anyway. Like you, I love the 'quiet, shut-in' feel of this season and incidentally, only yesterday got out one of my new 'To Read' books and enjoyed a few chapters 'curled up and lost in its imaginary world', as you depict so well.
    Enjoy this time of year Loree : )
    P.S. Love the pics!

  3. I love to craft on rainy days rather than read. I think
    Autumn is the right season to curl up and enjoy our favorite hobby be it reading , crafting or just listening to nice relaxing music.
    I hope you're enjoying your Autumn!

  4. Beautiful post Loree.
    It is raining here too, and I just walked to the station in the rain holding my umbrella tight :); I'm not complaining- I love the rain :)

  5. Move to Belgium and you can curl up the whole year while the rain is drumming on your roof ! Maybe we should switch houses from time to time, lol !

  6. I was on the bus heading home from work today (around 5:30) and saw these clouds rolling in. For sure I thought to myself, here we go another amazing storm- I love them too! But we never saw any rain at our place in St.Paul's Bay. I heard a tiny bit of thunder, the wind picked up the skies grew dark. Unfortunately that was it though. Great pictures!

  7. An enjoyable post. Your writing is very expressive and entertaining, no matter what it is you write about.
    I didn't realise you were on Triond.

  8. We hit 99 deg. here in SoCal today. I think our summer and fall have gotten mixed up.

  9. Awesome post Loree..and such beautiful writing! Your words capativate with imagery!
    Beautiful photos...hope you have a lovely charming day!!

  10. I do most of my reading in the spring and winter, for the very same reasons you mention!

  11. I like seeing the rain, I always find it nostalgic! especially with the summer heat, the rain gives off pleasant smells ... bye**

  12. Howdy Loree
    What a wonderful post !
    Thank you for sharing the joys
    that are all around us
    as the days grow shorter
    and the rains visit
    a little more often .
    Take care and please
    keep your fabulous words coming .
    I so look forward to your posts !
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  13. You made it sound wonderful, and I feel like doing the same things, but then who will take the boy to school and soccer? :-(

    Wonderful images, Loree!

  14. the grey skies added more drama to those images. :)

  15. Here in Brazil we are already in the summer but the days of rain and cloudy non stop. Not that I dislike it but sometimes gives a depression. On the other hand, like you, I love reading on rainy days over a good cup of tea.

  16. loree - few things are better than curling up with a good book and listening to rain on the roof.........lovely post.

  17. Our homes look so alike. We do not have rain here. We had a few spots and got excited, but it came to nothing. It is still hot in Cyprus.

    Love your photos.

  18. Very true! And beautiful writing! (Not to mention beautiful pictures.)

    I like to cocoon myself as well. I don't spend enough time just being.


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