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Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Day We First Met

Nine years ago today I met my husband (well, he wasn’t my husband back then) for the first time. We spent the summer of 2001 writing long e-mails to each other. Every. Single. Day. Then, in December, my handsome friend from St Louis just felt he had to attend his second cousin’s wedding. The rest, as they say, is history.
Various Pics Nov 02 - May 03 035
We spent a wonderful 10 days visiting historic places, eating out, meeting friends. And talking. For hours on end. Just the two of us,  in my car, accompanied by a howling wind  (a north-easterly this time – the one we call the gregale) and lashing rain. I remember everything so clearly – the warm glow of a first kiss, and the cold air that made our fingers and noses numb (it actually got cold that year with temperatures plummeting to 3 Celsius during the day – like I said, I remember everything :))
Nine years later, we’ve weathered a few storms, but that warm, fuzzy feeling is still there. And my sweet husband still manages to surprise me with flowers every now and then.
Flowers and decorations 005


  1. What lovely memories you have and what a cute couple you are! Wonderful post. :)

  2. How sweet and romantic, Loree...your meeting, your e-mailing and your flowers!

  3. Congratulations, and what a handsome couple you are ! Just follow my example, we celebrated our 41 wedding anniversary on Dec 6 !

  4. Loree, what a wonderful love story! You look beautiful together, so much in love. Congratulations and happy anniversary! :-)

  5. What a sweet story. You make a very lovely couple x x

  6. Congratulation on your anniversary this year, keep the love burning!

  7. romantic. The details are enchanting. My husband and I met in Jan. On Valentine's Day, we went to the same restaurant where we had our first date. Because I always called him Bruce Wayne (Batman), we made the reservations under Bruce Wayne and just loved it when the server approached us at the bar and said, "Mr. Wayne, your table is ready." We thought we'd do a famous poet next, say, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. :) Have a great day, Loree ~ xox Alexandra

  8. Happy anniversary!
    You make a very lovely couple.

  9. happy anniversary!

    what a sweet and wonderful story of love.

    keep it alive - forever.

  10. happy anniversary! love the shot of you two:)

  11. Awe, such a sweet story!
    Happy Anniversary guys!

  12. two are sooo super- adorable...congrats..I am happy for you..what a fabulous that's amore!!
    Hugs and joy to you..Lovebirds!

  13. when i first read this post, i didn't know what to say. the outpouring of love is so heartfelt that i didn't want to intrude.

    and now, awed and inspired, i'm reading it again.

    thank you, loree.


  14. What a lovely post to celebrate your anniversary! Sorry I'm late to congratulate you both. I love your picture and may I say I'm so happy to have met you both.
    Thanks for a beautiful true story,

  15. I love reading love stories, and yours is so touching. Thank you for sharing!


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