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Friday, 22 April 2011

Fabulous Fridays: Bunny Tone

Before I started blogging I was about as interested in photo editing sites as I was about a gnat sitting peacefully on a wall. But once I started writing posts, I wanted to make sure that the accompanying photos were as well-presented as possible (although I am by no  means an expert). Photo editing sites offer all sorts of possibilities – from the sublime to the ridiculous. Unfortunately I have not, as yet, mastered Photoshop. Instead I use other editing sites which are freely available on the Internet and which alter photos at the touch of a button. I am sure that those of you that use Picasa are familiar with Picnik. If you do not use Picasa you can access Picnik directly from here.
For the up-coming Easter season, Picnik have introduced a feature called Bunny Tone. What it does is turn your photos into all sorts of pastel shades. You can play around with it to achieve subtle, but different, effects like in the two photos below.
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (88)-1Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (88)-2
I think that Bunny Tone also works well with landmarks.
Paris - Lorna's Day 1 (39)-1
But I am not sure I totally like its effect on me. What do you think?
I would like to wish you all a very blessed  Easter.


  1. Very pretty photos.

    Happy Easter to you too.

  2. i love messing with fotos and all this stuff is new to me, so thanks for the advice!

    a blessed easter to you, loree♡

  3. i like the effect on the flowers. i think i'll go home today and play with it.

    happy easter!

  4. Oh, I think it looks great. I haven't seen Bunny Tone before. Cool. Well, was going to wear that dress today, but it's awfully cool outside. Darn. Hope you're having a lovely day off. I'm off to grade essays, then relax later on. xox ~ Alexandra

  5. Thanks for the fun links! I never realized there were online photo editing sites... and "bunny tone" looks very pretty, especially in the flower photos. As for you, I think you would look elegant in "any" tone : )

  6. I love playing around with my pictures, I don't use Photoshop but an old graphic software called Arcsoft Photostudio , I find it very simple to use. I have download GIMP too but I still prefer my old Photostudio. I think your Bunny tone gives a nice touch to your pictures, well done.
    Happy Easter to you too!

  7. Happy Easter, Loree!

    I love playing around with photos too, and some time I spent way too much time playing, and not enough writing.

    I like the effect in your photos! It's fun to see something different.

  8. Thanks for sharing the FUN you had with altering your pics...quite different!
    A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you Loree and your family,

  9. I also like to play around with photos since I started blogging !
    I came back from France yesterday afternoon and am still a little "homesick" not because of the French Riviera (I thought I was in Italy) but because of the stay with Clauie and her family, such warmhearted and cheerful people !

  10. hi, I'm using photoshop and still trying to master it;)

    love the new look of Eiffel tower;)

  11. Wishing you a lovely weekend ~ xox Alexandra

  12. Estupendo post el que nos has dejado. Un placer haberme pasado por tu casa.

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  13. Howdy Loree
    Happy Easter to you and yours.
    Wow I never realized how much I missed you until the entire blogger /google would not let me sign in to visit blogland. I am so glad you are still here with your fabulous photos ,beautiful words and helpful information . Thank you so much for sharing your talents as well as experiences. This is one lady who needs all the computer help she can get and as for the ispiration you give I cannot ever thank you enough.
    Please keep sharing .
    I Love the effect of the bunny tone on the flowers really cool look and so much fun to be had.
    Again Happy Easter
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  14. Bunny tones! How cute and funny...just as an Easter bunny should be. Have a wonderful Easter weekend on your beautiful island.


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