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Monday, 25 April 2011

Memories Are Made Of These

- Sometimes it’s a bunch of wildflowers …
Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (28)
- Other times it’s a jar of tiny sea-shells …
- It could be a handful of pine cones …
Chadwick Lakes (4)
- Or an odd-shaped rock …
These are the things my little one gives me, with a smile on his face. Such ordinary, little items – but to me, they mean the world. Because each one is a reminder of the fleeting days of his childhood, of little hands holding mine, of a mischievous dimpled face. For soon it will be time for me to let go and I will be left with the love and the memories. And the echoes of a child’s laughter …


  1. You are so right these precious moments go by so quickly, and then comes puberty ! what a nightmare ! so enjoy each moment !!

  2. How true! You will cherish every single memory and treasure these times so you're right to make the most of them Loree. Beautiful thoughts and pics!

  3. So sweet! I still have some of the little rocks my son gave me so many years ago.

  4. How true! the post today1

  5. Oh, how lovely. It reminds me of the huge jars and jars I kept in the kitchen filled with acorns, dried flowers, feathers,'s most precious gifts dropped from my children's hands, the fragrance of love illuminating each piece, into my own. I've forgotten all about them. Must get them on my next trip home. You are lovely. xox Alexandra

  6. How true!
    They grow so fast ... lovely memories!!!

  7. My daughter always brought me bouquets of wildflowers, and we (nearly) always put them in vases, even though they wilted almost immediately. I'm so glad you cherish these times - they are fleeting, indeed.

  8. indeed, each moment must be cherished. time goes by too fast.

  9. I'll tell you about one of my little treasures from my son, who is now 14. When he was @ 5, he gave me a huge plastic purple diamond ring. The band was a black pipe cleaner that was "fitted" to my finger. I have it nestled right in with all of my other "real" jewelry. Enjoy your little boy!

  10. It's the simplest way to show love and it's always beautiful, warming, and tender. Love this post, Loree!

  11. the birthday cards made for me by my kid sister and brother i treasure till today. they've grown up but the cards remind me of those days when they were still young. :)

  12. Lovely post!I have a lot's of little things but they are important memories for me!

  13. So very true. The little things are often the most precious for me and can hold great meaning.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  14. I was already feeling nostalgic today when I happened upon your thought provoking post. Enjoy this time in your life. My youngest are now teenagers and I swear it was only yesterday...

  15. Wishing a lovely week, dear Loree. Time for me to get a way for a bit ~ xox Alexandra


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