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Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Here And Now

I have been longing for winter. Longing for grey days and rain; scarves and hats and mittens. And I have been gloomy for a while with these endless summer days that don’t seem to want to go away. But I’ve decided that it is useless moping. That I should be happy with the here and now. That I should be thankful for the sun, even though we need rain so much, because without the sun I would not be able to look out of my window and appreciate the sunset.
Another October Sunset (3)
I am grateful for this mostly lazy weekend that has just passed. For time to catch up on some reading. For rest. For an extra hour in bed last night. For the little things which really are the big things.
Another October Sunset (5)
Happy Halloween.


  1. Hi Loree...Sounds pretty good to me but I know the feeling when you need that seasonal change, it' becomes a longing. I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog design. Did you create it? It speaks volumes about your life... :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful week..

    Jeanne xx

  2. Hi Loree, great thoughts! I too have been longing for some colder days but your reasoning is good, that we should be happy with the here and now and we should make the best of it : )
    Happy Halloween and best wishes for a great new month ahead : )

  3. I saw that 'If the broom fits, ride it,' on a marquee, yesterday and kinda liked it.

    My husband recently read to me a passage in a book about the vinegar tasters. One had a bitter expression because he despised suffering, one had a sour expression because the taste did not meet his expectations, and one had a smile-- because it made no difference to him what was given, he had decided long ago he would be happy, come what may.

    I hope the sunshine gives way to the season of your desire, but if it doesn't-- I hope your vinegar ends up tasting like honey.

    You have a wonderful week, too, precipice girl. ;)


  4. great fotos, loree. and i love the quote - reminds me of another halloween appropriate saying: if you find yourself in hell, keep going.

    happy halloween - one of my favorite days!


  5. That's the right spirit... being thankful for the present!

  6. Happy Halloween to you too :-)

  7. Happy Halloween :). We got snow this recent weekend. I guess winter is officially here.

  8. what a beautiful sunset! (i hope you get some sweater days soon)

  9. I hear you about the need for that definite change in seasons but also trying to stay optimistic. Our weather has turned beautiful but there is still the need for rain. Your sunset photos are so incredibly dramatic. Gorgeous.

  10. There's a welcomed chill in the air here this week. It will come there too, Loree! But you're right to enjoy what's given!

  11. Can't we change ? Here you would find the paradise to wear scarfs, hats and mittens and enough rain to fill in a lake, lol !
    I am longing for sunshine and warm weather and that's why I am so happy to fligh away on Thursday to the Red Sea !!

  12. Yay!! Fab post..and LOVE the colorful skyscapes..meditative blissfulness for me...beautiful!

  13. I'm so opposite with you about the longing for winter, because it's terrible here in the winter. I won't be able to see sun set or sun rise for months.

    Beautiful photos, Loree! The here and now is a great way to live my days!


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