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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday Wanderings – Remembering Lucca

Wednesday Wanderings is a new fortnightly series that I am starting today. Going through my photo archives I realized that I have hundreds of photos that I took on our travels that can tell a story and which have never seen the light of day – or rather of the blogging world. I hope that you will enjoy this series and get a closer glimpse of these cities and places that I love so much. My first Wednesday Wanderings will take you to the Tuscan town of Lucca.


Tuscany 225-1

Lucca was a surprise – a pleasant and lovely surprise. We went there not knowing anything about it except that it was a walled medieval city and came back vowing we would return. Behind its sturdy walls, Lucca revealed itself slowly to us.

Tuscany 214-1

We wandered along without rushing to see ‘the sights’ because, for once, we did not have a plan and it felt so good to be ambling slowly along. Unbeknownst to us, Lucca was hosting its Antiques Fair the day we were there. Oh those stalls – it was a vintage lover’s heaven: china, jewellery, junk, frames,  toys, mirrors ...


What made it all the more charming was the backdrop of Romanesque churches, simple fountains and crumbling buildings.

Under the Tuscan Sun 043-1
Tuscany 173-1
Tuscany 217-1
We lost ourselves in the labyrinth of streets, taking in every single detail. The Lucchesi were out for their evening stroll, walking arm in arm, as is so common in Italy, or riding their bikes.
Tuscany 221-2
And my eyes drank in  every detail, every little scene: delectable candy displays, Tuscany 187-1
quaint shops, Tuscany 231-1
romantic piazzas, Tuscany 236-1
intricate ironwork, Tuscany 205-1
pretty flower displays.Tuscany 207-1

Seeing these photos, the memories come flooding back. Even after two years I can still see its piazzas and church towers, hear the  vendors selling their wares. And if I close my eyes long enough, maybe, just maybe, I will wish myself back.
The Mercato dell’ Antiquario is held in Lucca every third Saturday and Sunday of the month in the following piazzas and street: Piazza Antelminelli, Piazza San Giusto, Piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Bernardini, Piazza San Martino, Via del Battistero.
You can learn more about Lucca and its history here.


  1. beautiful photos...i love the photos you took of sweets :)

  2. 'Lucca revealed itself slowly to us.'

    I love the way you've put this. This post makes me starved to visit such a place. I also like the cast that you've put to the photographs. Reminds me of scenes from 'Amelie.'

    (My favorite pic is the one of the bikes, strangely. That and the first imposing image of the cathedral with the angel.)

    Just lovely.

  3. Oh Loree, I love Lucca!!! I visited a friend there -- absolutely loved everything about Lucca :-)

  4. thanks for the beautiful sightseeing tour ! Before I realized that it was in Italy, I thought, it looks like Italy, lol !

  5. What a beautiful place! I like the mosaic of antique treasures and my favorite picture is the last one with the chairs and flowers.

  6. Super Super WOW..this post strikes my soul...i love it that shot near the end of the ironwork...woah!! mega-gorgeous post!

  7. I love looking through old photgraphs! My Fiance & I recently devoloped a bunch of old film not knowing what we would find & it was such a treat to see ourselves as College Students. All the good memories just came flooding back. I like your blog, very cute.


  8. I love love love your Wednesday Wanderings idea! I do enjoy seeing and reading about people's trips. Your trips look dreamy...especially with that antique market that just happened to be in town. I would have coveted that milli fiori lamp shade!

  9. Beautiful, dreamy and enchanting : )
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Another place to add to the ever growing list!
    I wish I could teleport myself there right now!


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