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Sunday, 2 October 2011

In Search Of Autumn

It is not  uncommon for the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’* to give these islands a miss. It is looking like this will be one of those years when we will have an Indian summer throughout October and possibly beyond. Faced with unrelentingly warm temperatures, blue skies and nary a spot of rain, it is hard to remember that in most places, cardigans, shoes and socks are the order of the day and that autumn is a reality and not just a dream. Of all our seasons, autumn is the most fickle and each year I play a guessing game with myself – will autumn show up or not?
Nov 2003 - autumn 003
I know that by now, in many places, the trees are starting to turn golden and red and orange and a part of me longs to witness  nature’s special spectacle every autumn. I experienced this wonder of nature for the first time when we lived in Chesterfield (MO). It seemed like the trees changed their colour over-night, as if someone had stayed up all night and painstakingly painted the leaves one by one.
Nov 2003 - autumn 003 (2)
Nov 2003 - autumn 003 (3)
Surrounded by such beauty and having a lot of time on my hands (I did not work at the time) I had gotten creative and made this wreath, which has made it all the way to Malta, although its significance is rather lost here as almost nobody does any seasonal decorating (except for Christmas of course). Perhaps I should start a new trend?
Nov 2003 - autumn 003 (9)
Maybe instead of waiting for autumn to show up I should just create autumn inside our home. I found some excellent sites that can help me achieve this without too many problems. Here is short list of some wonderful ideas that you can re-create in your home or with your family.
With over 530 links, you will have plenty of ideas on how to decorate your mantel, shelf or ledges for fall.
Stuck for ideas on how to entertain the kids? 50 fun fall activities to do with your kids will provide you with plenty of inspiration and will ensure that you make a lot of memories along the way.
I really would like to make this pumpkin roll. It looks delicious.
Since the leaves don’t change colour here perhaps I can make pretty leaves myself. This tutorial gives step by step instructions on how to make wax paper and crayon fall leaves. Dare I ?
So while I wait and hope for this season to slowly make its way to our shores, I can always look at these 50 stunning fall foliage photos and dream …
Meanwhile I wish you all lots of …

* quoted from “Ode To Autumn” by John Keats
The Colours of Fall
Photographed in
Chesterfield (MO), November 2003


  1. You really must make the pumpkin roll, Loree. My mother started the tradition and we have it every Thanksgiving or even Christmas. Thanks for the links...the wreath you made is lovely! I just came in from a walk in the fall leaves and really appreciate your post! Thanks for visiting too.

  2. Autumn is the season of my heart.

  3. Even if you would come to Belgium for the moment there is no sign of fall ! We have temperatures up to 27°C and are in summer while we were in fall in July and August. Even our trees keep their green dress longer than the other years.
    Seasonal decoration is not in fashion here at all ! I have a basket in the entrance hall which I decorate for the seasons, but I started only in 2007 when I saw this on American blogs and found it so nice. Nobody does anything outside.

  4. living here in florida, and coming originally from illnois, i completely relate to this post. i miss autumn color every single year. but i do agree, we can "pretend" a little in our home decorating!

  5. p.s. love your wreath on the turquoise door :)

  6. Living in the north of Italy has made me appreciate and love the autumn colours which, I agree with you, are barely noticable in the Maltese autumn season. This year however we seem to be still in the summer season, we have 30°C during the day and the beaches are still full of bathers in the weekends. I will be coming to Malta next Monday and I am sure the temperatures will be close to the ones we are havingin Italy right now. I left this visit for October hoping to find some cooler weather, knowing how hot it gets in the Summer months. Anyway, it will be nice to return to my roots no matter the weather I will find.
    I like the wreath... you did a very nice job on it.

  7. i love the idea of a fall wreath - there should be one for every season, right?

    beautiful post, loree~

  8. I started to see some beautiful and colorful leaves turning now. I'm sure you'll make a terrific wreath with your son, Loree!

  9. I wish you a wonderful autumn as well. It's been chilly in the mornings now and I can't leave the house without a sweater or a jacket. I love this time of year.

  10. Ditto Suzi's comment :-))))

  11. your first line made me smile. you mentioned about 'season of mists,' and i am reading a book entitled In the Valley of Mist. there is something magical about the word and what it connotes, huh?


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