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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday Wanderings: Breezy, Beautiful, Bewitching Burano

Venice -  June 2007 (95)-1
Burano bewitched me. That is a fact. From the moment I set foot on this colouful little island situated a few miles away from Venice, I was in love. After the splendor and decay of Venice, Burano had more of a village feel to it. The canals and waterways are wider here, the houses less tall. It was less crowded and with more open spaces. More importantly, we could feel the remnants  of a breeze rolling off of the Adriatic and winding its way through its streets.
Venice -  June 2007 (80)-1
Venice -  June 2007 (82)-1
Without a doubt, comparisons are odious, and there is no way that the humble fishermen’s houses of Burano can ever compete with the grandeur of the palaces of Venice. But the simplicity of this place is palpable.
Venice 2007 from Lorna's perspective (26)-1
From the leaning tower of the church of San Martino, to the cheerful houses lining the canals, Burano seems to be a completely different world. The contrasting colours of the pretty houses and their reflections in the water of the canals are a photographer’s dream.
Venice -  June 2007 (108)-1
There’s something endearing about a place that paints its houses in such boisterous colours; something intrinsically appealing. I couldn’t get enough of Burano. I would gladly have walked its peaceful streets till sundown, enjoying the glimpses of homes that I got through the curtains that, in summer, doubled as doors; smiling at the unabashed lines of washing strung across sleepy courtyards and all the time wondering what it must feel like to live in the proximity of such a famous neighbour. Burano is in no way pretentious but I came away with the certainty that it has an innate charm all of its own.
Venice -  June 2007 (99)-1Venice -  June 2007 (103)-1


  1. historıcal places very nice,thank you sharing,stay well.

  2. What lovely images from such a lovely outing. I made it to Venice (and thoroughly enjoyed it!), but never to here.

  3. I have been here too and also loved these colorful houses ! It all looks so cheerful !

    In Austria and Germany St. Nichlas is also celebrated with a little gift, but not as a substitute to Christmas like in Holland. There they didn't even have a Christmas tree. It only started in the last years that people put up one, but not everybody.

  4. Oh, it's perfectly charming! A photographer's dream, alright!

  5. Simply lovely!! And the colours on the houses!! So yummie :)! Looks like a feel good place I'd say.

    Hope all is well with you and yours Loree!

    Take care,

  6. Boisterous Burano! Beautiful and bewitching, indeed, Loree. Thanks for this.

  7. I love those colorful house, and I can imagine their reflection in the water! Your description of Burano sounds like a paradise to me.

    Gorgeous photos, Loree!

  8. It looks lovely. You are so lucky to have visited such a beautiful place.

    I find it fascinating that you live in Malta, yet you have placed St. Charles as one of the places that have "captured your heart". I live in St. Louis and love my town and Malta seems so exotic to me.


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