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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Life Is Beautiful

Today was a public holiday. I spent  a lovely, relaxing day surrounding myself with beauty. The weather was warm and it felt like Spring. It’s hard to believe that many countries are still snow-bound. Yet, notwithstanding our mild winter, I was longing to feel the sun on my face. So I headed out and let the singing of the birds soothe me, the gurgling water in the little streams calm me and the simple beauty of this particular wild flower remind me that life is fragile, life is beautiful – that we only get one chance and we need to embrace it and give it our best shot.
Winter countryside (28)-1
Hoping that you all give it your very best shot – have a wonderful weekend.


  1. There's still snow on the ground here, but the sun was shining bright today and there's an expected jump in the temps over the weekend. I can almost hear the birds of Spring singing.

  2. You are lucky ! you live where lots of people go on holidays !

  3. What wise words. Spring is definitely soothing after a harsh winter. It's starting to get warmer here in Italy too and at the weekend I sat in the middle of a field drinking up the sun for about an hour. It was so warm and peaceful. I love days like these. Have a lovely weekend x x

  4. We still have a long way to go yet, but life is beautiful for those that take time to appreciate the moment. Have a great weekend, Loree!

  5. It's pretty here, cool, but pretty. Though...a snow day would not hurt my feelings. :) xox Alexandra

  6. So lovely to see your wildflower! No flowers blooming here since our deep freeze; but it's warming up and the birds are singing. :)

  7. Life is beautiful, yes :)...

    ... and often the beauty hides in all those unsuspecting places...

  8. ... and oh, forgot to let you know-

    something for you here:

    I am slowly catching up with my rewards... I remember the one you gave me too, btw... in a few weeks :)

  9. I could use a holiday, but no such coming until next month. Maggie is imploring me to intiate her pink leash and and excursion, never mind I took her with me about town on Valentine errands. Cannot blame her; it's a lovey day for February in N.C., to say the least. We are celebrating Valentines today,as tomorrow we'll be working, and no use to rush if we can do it in a slow, easy pace today. Always lovely to hear from you ~ xox Alexandra

  10. It was very inspiring to read your post because life is beautiful indeed :)

  11. i could not agree with you more, loree. i will take this sentiment with me as i begin a new week -- thank you for this reminder my friend, that life is fragile and life is beautiful♡

  12. Hi Loree,

    Life is indeed beautiful, and it is exactly what me make of it :).

    So sweet of you to drop by and scribble a few lines. Makes me smile each time :).

    Happy Valentine to you too!

    Take care,

  13. Its good to let go and relax once in way and observe the life around us (and see how fragile it is as you mentioned)


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