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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Here And There

I know. I said I would not be posting much in the coming days. But I miss being here and reading your posts. Blogging can really grow on you. So here I am, with some more snippets from my life …
It was a public holiday today and it was also a beautiful day. After a breakfast of pancakes and sausages (ordered by the Mischief Maker and cooked by my Sweet American) we headed out. We visited Dwejra again. It’s hard to believe that this is the same place that looked so fresh and green just a month ago. Everything is turning golden and the wheat and clover are being harvested. It will soon look dry and barren. But for now, a golden tinge prevails.
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (4)Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (7)
Our next stop was at Nadur Tower, built some time between 1637 and 1640 – the highest point in Malta. The view from up there was quite fantastic, a bird’s eye view almost.
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (15)
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (14)
Our last stop was at the old town of Mdina where we had lunch at The Old Priory, a cafeteria  located in an old convent adjoining the Carmelite Church. A charming little place with its painted ceilings and austere convent walls.
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (29)
Rabat & Mdina (27)Rabat & Mdina (29)Rabat & Mdina (41)
I can never get enough of Mdina. I have been there, literally, thousands of times. I was even at school there for 8 years (more about that some other time) and I have seen it in all types of weather and in many different moods. Yet in my eyes, it always looks beautiful.
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (28)
Today there were too many tourists roaming the streets (although, because I know it so well, I always manage to find a deserted spot). I felt that Mdina was a bit withdrawn, aloof, sheltering itself from too many inquisitive eyes. I did not mind. I know I can go back anytime, when dusk begins to fall, and the streets are deserted. I can go back, roam around and touch the walls that sometimes seem to be alive. I will close my eyes and listen to the beating of my heart, as this ancient citadel gently whispers its secrets. It never fails. It is always so. And I don’t think that anything will ever change. Not for me.
Dwejra, Nadur &  Mdina (27)


  1. Wonderful photographs especially those of a special silent city!
    Mdina is also precious to me.

  2. Wonderful post Loree! Loved the pictures! I am always mesmerized by this ancient city.
    Glad to hear you had an enjoyable day,

  3. Incredible photographs, as always, Loree. Are you married to an American?

  4. You do live in such a wonderful and historical part of the world! Your photos and your words are always such a treasure to read, Loree!

  5. What a beautiful tour, I could make with you !

  6. is just beautiful, I love the way you look at the world. I think you are right, we do think alike. :)
    Jeanne xx

  7. Loree - how beautiful - this may be a part of the world I will never travel but I just did with you - thanks for sharing a beautiful city. God Bless

  8. What a fascinating place, I always enjoy visiting it through your photo tours!

  9. Beautiful photos Loree. I could just stare at them all day :-)

  10. What a lovely place ! and I would also love to stroll through these little narrow streets !

  11. Beautiful Pictures... so refreshing...

  12. What a great tour and reading about how the old stone walls affected you is so touching. I would love to hear about your school days as mine were so pivotal in my life too. Have a wonderful summer break!


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