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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wasted Time

                                          Source: via Lorna on Pinterest

It’s good to know that all those hours that I’ve spent staring into nothingness with my mind a million miles away were not wasted time. I still do not have time for a long post so I am sending this thought-provoking quote your way. Now tell me, what’s your favourite way to waste time?


  1. I love letterpress cards. Just had to say that! This image caught my eye on the blogroll. :)

  2. i don't consider staring into space and thinking about things as wasting time........i would call it brainstorming and daydreaming

    now watching reality tv? that's wasting time (but i still enjoy doing it - guilty pleasure!)

  3. I love wasting time watching sparrows hopping around in our backyard looking for food and I love watching the rays of the sun filter through the branches and the leaves on the trees, it is so relaxing for me, so I guess it's not really a waste of time.

  4. That's a great quote. My favorite method of wasting time is coffee with friends.

  5. I love to watch old reruns of Andy Griffith - may be a time waster but how fun. Thanks for asking - have a great day.

  6. Ooh, I better remember this, so that I won't beat myself up doing nothing some time!

  7. i love to read a good novel or stare at the sea...

  8. My favorite way? I love to fix my afternoon cup of tea...go to the 'front living room' that always looks pretty and sip on it with a little snack. It might only be for 5-7 minutes but I am ready to get back to school afterwards.


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