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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Taormina’s Greek Theatre

I was prepared to write a long, rambling post about this theatre that was built by the Greeks and subsequently re-designed by the Romans. But sometimes, less is more.
Sometimes, pictures speak louder than a thousand words. How I felt as I sat in the tribunes of this ancient building is hard to describe. Feelings of awe, of reverence almost … but at best, my words would be  mediocre; at worst, superfluous.
Yes, in places like this, less is definitely more. Because here, the stones themselves would have tales to tell and I am positive that their stories would be so much more interesting than mine; their memories spanning thousands of years.
So I will take a back seat and hope that, like me, you will lose yourselves in the magnificence of the architecture, the precise lines of the tribunes, the simplicity of the design …
But all of these, majestic and magnificent in their own right, cannot compare to the backdrop that was not created by mere mortal hands. In the hazy sunshine of a late spring afternoon, Etna placidly surveyed the surrounding island, haloed by a plume of smoke, as it has done for thousands of years, albeit not always as serenely.
The mountain’s beauty is strangely mesmerizing, it’s power savage. I could have sat there and stared at it till the sun went down and rose again in the glory of a new dawn.
Less is more … the pulse of life is definitely strong in this land; older than time itself – it is the primeval pulse of creation.
Via Teatro Greco 40
Photographed May 2012


  1. These pictures are breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  2. I think I may send this link to my dad so he can see for himself just how magnificent the images you post here are, Loree.

  3. this is one humongous amphitheater. just goes to show you the ancient greeks really knew how to live - just sitting in a seat in that place, one would not need to watch a theatrical production, just the sea, the mountains and the sky!

  4. Less is the way to go! This is one mind blowing place, thanks so much for sharing it.

  5. Lovely pictures Loree, thanks for sharing!

  6. Loree - what an absolutely beautiful spot - your approach to few words added to the breathtaking landscape. I am with you - I could sit there all day and wait til the dawn came again. I always love your posts because they transport me to places I would never see if it were not for your lovely photos. Thank you as always for sharing your world. I am blessed to see it through your eyes.

  7. It is magnificent indeed, and notice the background in your fantastic photos first hand..So gorgeous, and I took in every scene in each picture. So for now, "less is more" is how I feel too.

  8. My daughter saw a theatre much like this, on a visit to Spain a few years ago. It was one of her favorite places. They are magnificent structures, aren't they? And I like the way you compared the theatre in all its glory, with the even greater glory of the creation that surrounds it.

  9. very nice historıcal places thank you saharing,with my best wishes.

  10. Just checking you know you have won my book! I need your address. :D


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