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Friday, 29 June 2012

Fabulous Fridays: Trendy Taormina

This is my last post about Sicily – for a while. So here’s one more look at Taromina. Because Taormina is not just about the history,
the tourists
and the scenery.
Sicily 181
It’s also about the shops and boutiques selling the type of stuff that many girls’ dreams are made of.
Sicily 148P5190807P5190818-001P5190823P5190827P5190829
Sicily 149
Photographed in Taormina
May 2012
I will be relaxing in cooler climes for a while. Hope you are all enjoying your summer.


  1. What lovely colours!
    The pictures are beautiful but my favorite is the one of the gown with roses.

  2. Oh, you got some good pics of "girlie girl dreamy stuff" didn't you! The shoes the women are wearing just amaze me. They really and truly amaze me....don't get me started...but I think women have taken a huge step backwards in progression...because of the shoes. You should see it in the US...women can't even straighten their knees, the heels are so comically high. Oh dear...signs that I must be getting to the point "I can't understand the younger generation". Have fun wherever you are going...that is COOLER!!

  3. The arena hasn't changed but there were no tourists, lol ! But the shops ! my goodness ! Of course in 45 years it has all changed.

  4. I was surprised by that last pair of shoes! Surprised that they appeal to me as I am not a high heels girl. I think it is the gradient of color on the heel.

    The shot of those delicate pink blossoms made me smile, Loree.

  5. the juxtaposition of the amphitheatre with the haute coutour shoes and gown brought a big smile to my face. there is beauty everywhere and italy has had style for centuries!

  6. You took beautiful photos, Loree!

    The high heel shoes are quite high, but beautiful colors!

  7. Love your pics. Love the shoes!

    Congratulations, Loree, you are the winner of my signed book! Please contact me at glynissmy at gmail dot com, with your address. I do hope you enjoy the book!


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