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Monday, 6 August 2012

Like A Spoke In A Wheel

Sometimes I get tired of the corporate world. I feel nameless and faceless. It’s not about each individual, it’s about the common good. Or so they say. I have my own opinion about whose good it is – and I am sure you do not need me to spell it out to you. The company I work for has just been bought out. We are going from 10000 people world-wide to 17000 people. Nameless; faceless – each one of us. Most days, I don’t mind. But other days, it really gets to me.
USA 421
My job is mostly virtual. I e-mail people all the way from Iceland to Australia but I have never seen their faces. For all I know there could be a green Martian at the other end. I miss interacting with real people. There are days when it’s much worse than others. Today was on of them. I literally felt like a spoke in a wheel, turning and turning. All for the greater good. It can get depressing, but I will not dwell on it.
Instead, I invite you to drool over this Blueberry Mascarpone Tart with Lemon Curd. It just made me smile when I saw it.
Hope you are all enjoying the Olympics. This was one of the most exciting moments for me – a test of endurance, to be sure.
I will be taking a small break in the coming 10 days. Family reunions, house painting and the seaside beckon. I am sure I will still do some visiting.  There are some blogs that I just cannot stay away from. I will be back with a post about beautiful St Ives. Keep cool and chase your dreams.
Old Fire Engine – photographed at Grant’s Farm, St Louis, MO, July 2010
Lady Sylvia Steam Engine – photographed at Padstow Harbour, Cornwall, July 2012


  1. Loree - I know what you mean about corporations. I used to work in banking and of course you can imagine how that went. Hope you have a wonderful vacation time. Take care.

  2. Dearest Loree,
    I understand how you feel. Big corporations can make you feel that way. Although I love the internet {who doesn't, right?}, I need every day human contact also.
    I hope you have a lovely holiday. I remember you mentioned that you will be visiting STL at some point. xoxo, B

  3. It sounds like your little break is perfect timing, Loree. And although I don't work in a corporate environment, I can absolutely understand how you feel. It is one of the reasons why I have been trying to meet a few of my blog friends. To make that connection in face to face time. And thank goodness for Ben, my dog, who gives me all the unconditional love and attention a girl could ask for!


  4. Lately I've spending time talking to two online friends through gmail chat, and it hits me that though we're connected, they still are strangers, and my world is so virtually non-existing. I have moments like yours.

    Gorgeous photos though, and have a nice break!

  5. I can imagine that a woman with an artist's soul, like you, would feel confined in a corporate environment. I'm glad you're getting a break - enjoy it!

  6. Sometimes it's better not to see their faces ! it can be a big disappointment ! I enjoyed the ambiance of the Olympics in London yesterday. The sport doesn't interest me at all ! I only watched the opening that was great !

  7. I guess some days are better than others, regardless of where we work?
    Enjoy your break Loree :-)

  8. Hey, Loree. You have such a sweet, true heart. I read this post slowly and really thought about your words and it makes me wish that our only connection was not simply online.

    You enrich my life, too.


  9. Well that's communication!
    When we wrote business letters we still had no idea what faces the recipients had so I think very little has changed in that point of view but I am sure you agree that communication is faster at present than the past and just think how it will be in the future!!! Maybe a break will lift your spirits up and staying away from your work for a while will certainly do you good even if it means you'll be busy redecorating. Enjoy your break and your family!


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