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Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Cricket’s Lullaby

Last night I fell asleep to the chirping song of a lone cricket and the booming sound of distant thunder. The first is a reminder that summer is over. The other is a harbinger of a season yet to come. It is still warm enough to sleep with an open window, the melancholic lullaby of the cricket lulling me to sleep.
During those strange few moments between wakefulness and oblivion, thoughts race unbidden through my head. Most are nonsensical; some, just mundane. What shall I cook tomorrow? Is it finally cool enough to wear socks? Have all the other crickets died? I wonder if it will actually storm. Are there only male angels? It sounds like the chirping is getting fainter … What size shoes did Cinderella wear? Do all roads really lead to Rome? Are rhinos the inspiration behind unicorns? That sounds crazy. Perhaps it’s time to sleep. Good night cricket. You’re one of the things that I will miss most about summer. Hope to hear you next  year.

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  1. Are there only male angels.

    I'm inclined to think they are, somehow, genderless. Or they transcend gender?

  2. I have to agree with Suze on this one but I have to admit that many of the other questions made me giggle--especially as that is me all over. Chatter, chatter, chatter brain until finally, somehow...
    Bon Weekend Loree,

  3. My brain is always full of questions, torn between what I must do, and what I don't want to do..

    The weather is very gloomy, as it is getting ready to go into winter.

    1. Yes... my sentiments & my mood exactly...

  4. It is very well known that the best ideas and thoughts come to us at night ... a cricket may be an inspiration too...Hehehe!!!

  5. Dear Loree - there is nothing sweeter than the sounds of crickets. We too hear them in Ohio at this time of the year...just before winter. Hope you will enjoy them next year too. Amazing how our mind drifts as we find are doing good to at least remember by morning I've forgotten (LOL) what I was thinking.

  6. My best ideas come to me in the early morning and I think they are generated from these sorts of questions and thoughts.
    As far those crickets, I say hasta la vista baby.

  7. I think crickets are cute, even when one sneaks in the kitchen, hides behind the refrigerator and chirps day and night. Now summer is over and the house seems so quiet.

  8. I love the sound of crickets chirping (and the sound of distant thunder, too!)

  9. I love cricket music! Though the song of the final cricket of the season is always quite sad. I also love the song of the peeper frogs. They're the ones who announce Spring. Then as Spring turns to Summer, the crickets begin their nightly songfest. And eventually the peepers stop singing and leave the crickets to finish off the season. I love Fall and Winter, but I miss the nightly concerts of the warmer weather.


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