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Monday, 22 October 2012

Of Houses And Homes

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. The sky was all but cloudless and the crimson sun rose majestically - a glowing orb in the sky. The sky in the east was a lovely shade of ochre and purple, which gradually faded to shades of gold and powder blue. A fleeting mist hung lightly around the churches and homes. It was a pretty picture and I wish I had a camera to capture it but I was on my way to work.

I have been going through the archives of this blog and realized that last year at this time I seemed to be posting more regularly. I am not sure why I am finding it harder to do so this year. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we have been painting our house. We started last June and we are still at it. No, our house is by no means enormous, but we took several weeks’ break between one room and another (blaming it on the heat) and we also had to decide on some colour options. You’d think it would be easy to choose a colour. But I am one of those people who has to have a particular shade of a colour – and it has to be just perfect. Then, of course, there is my husband, who has his own opinion about what colour a room should be, which makes the whole process difficult and unnecessarily tedious because we are just total opposites in this respect. Anyway, we are almost done, with only two small areas left.
I would post some before and after photos but I am not altogether comfortable with sharing photos of my home with the whole wide world. But I will share a few images of some items we have picked up for one of the bedrooms.This one room had the most work done to it as I decided it needed some extensive redecorating.
My husband and I managed to agree on the colour for a feature wall. We decided to use Moonlight  Bay by Crown Paints and it worked really well with the furniture we already had.I bought these two water colour paintings from Original Art Only on Etsy.
Three White Roses
Four White Roses
I think that they will complement another painting we bought a few years from a shop called The Saturday Store in Canton (MO). Sadly, the store closed down last year. The painting is by Missouri artist Kimberly Shinn. I apologise for the very poor quality of the photo. I am not sure what was going on but I could not get the real colours in the painting to be reproduced in the photo.
Redecorating (3)
My husband and I may not see completely eye to eye about colours but we do agree about one thing – and that is not to follow any specific decorating ‘rules’. Each room in our house is a free spirit. We don’t really follow themes but like to surround ourselves with the things we love and which, for one reason or another, have a sentimental value. So we enjoy bringing different elements into the mix, like this textured print that we picked up in  Paris. We loved the vibrant colours and the rather wacky angle that the artist chose to represent some of the most famous land-marks in the city.
Redecorating (8)
We also included some fun items like this mask I had bought from one of the stores at The Venetian in Las Vegas on my first trip ‘out West’ in 2002.
Redecorating (10)
I picked up this ironstone plate on EBay and it fits in well with the rest of the room.
Redecorating (9)
All in all it has been fun seeing this particular bedroom come together. It has taken quite a bit of time and effort to see my vision become reality (and I am still working on the fine details). I admit that I did search the web and some decorating books (especially Decorate: 1000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick) for inspiration but I let my own instinct guide me, as opposed to letting others dictate what I should do. And it worked.
With that I come to the end of a rather long and unexpected post that started out with a sunrise and somehow ended up in our re-decorated bedroom.


  1. I wish I have a great eye for interior decorating. I am very poor at decorating even my bedroom. It's been 3 years since I moved into my house, and until now, the walls are empty.

  2. Loree, it must be so satisfying to be able to look at the finished product after all that work -- however enjoyable. My wish is for many, many happy nights in that room in the years to come, dear friend.

  3. Refurbishing house is always a headache and when it comes to choosing colours I know what you mean. The last time we painted house we chose to paint all the walls white, that's how we solved the problem. I find the rooms are really radiant now but as in all things it's just an opinion.
    I like the pastel watercolor paintings... very delicate shades.

  4. i haven't been posting as much either - life gets in the way, sometimes, i guess. i love watercolors anywhere in the house - they are so peaceful.

  5. i've never 'decorated' our house officially (or unofficially) but instead, like you, chose to fill it over the years with items my family loves - many things probably picked up in our travels. that's what makes a house a home in my opinion, and yours is obviously lovely.

  6. Dear Loree - I love your choices of the watercolors - they are so soft and dreamy. I too like to choose things I love and not decorate with a certain style in mind. It is so much more inviting when we surround ourselves with the special treasures that mean something or speak to us. Your description of the morning sounds wonderful as well.

  7. I agree, decorating 'rules' are so useless. Sometimes, I just want my house to feel like a library not a house. I hope you'll be posting photos of the newly painted rooms soon?

  8. You bring back memories of when we moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago. We had 4 days in our new home before the moving trucks came with all of the furniture. We literally said, Ready, SET, GO! The 4 of us went room by room painting several per day before the moving trucks arrived. We existed on pizza, I believe which sounds so terribly gross. I keep our paint samples because we will NEVER choose new paint colors again! Good luck with finishing up your projects. I can relate!

  9. LOVE the ironstone plate and the watercolors are lovely. I am cracking up because I have had at least 5 different colors of aqua blue and green on my bedroom wall for a year. Indecision. I think I am going with something closer to cobalt now. It takes a while to switch gears from what it once was and figure it all out.

    I am going on a trip soon so looks like the painting will have to wait til the new year! I usually show close ups of my place ... and never from the front. that would freak me out too ... putting it out there for the whole world. Great minds think alike? :)

  10. What a pity that you don't want to show the inside of your "castle" ! Is it so awful or too pretty ? I am lucky Mr. G. has no opinion when it comes to decorate, neither for the furniture nor for colors of the walls. I could paint it in zebra red and black or make in big circles, he probably wouldn't even notice. So I can do what I want and he is happy with it ! I love to decorate and move furniture around, I too don't care if it's stylish as long as it feels cosy and I am well. Nothing is worse then a room so perfect that it looks just like out of a catalogue ! (freezing !)


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