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Friday, 4 October 2013

Her Secret is Patience

Patience is one virtue which I am truly lacking right now. But I won’t go into that and bore you with the details. Instead, I invite you to adopt the pace of nature. For she is a wonderful teacher. And her secret is patience.
USA 2013 034
She does not rush things but waits until every petal unfolds in perfection.
USA 2013 575
From seeds to flowers and back again, the cycle is repeated, in its proper time, in its appropriate season …
USA 2013 364
Summer is slowly dying and autumn is creeping in. Subtly. Secretly. There is a slight shift in the nature of the lift – it is softer, more golden. The shadows are longer. The nights are cooler.
USA 2013 327
The crickets have ceased their song and the fields lie in wait for the life-giving rain. Sometimes dark clouds gather and the thunder growls.
Thunderstorm 019
I long for the storm to break. I will it to break. But she whispers in my ear that she is in control. And her secret is patience.
USA 2013 367
I feel myself sigh, my tension relax. A measure of serenity returns. I tell myself that there is beauty in every season.
USA 2013 573
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
USA 2013 511
Location: wild-flowers – Missouri and Utah (USA); storm clouds – Malta


  1. Same with me, patience is a virtue I truly lack. As you said, we have to learn from nature. Seasons change in perfect unison and that's because of time and patience.

  2. Loree, this was like a tiny, almost invisible revolution. Almost invisible. I'm glad you wrote it out so we could see at least part of it. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful post, Loree..Nature really is the best teacher!

  4. Ah, this has long been one of my favorite quotes, and that you've combined it here with your wonderful photographs makes it all the more special!

  5. oh yes, the shadows lengthening... we look for that here, too. (and may you have the patience you need for whatever you are waiting upon.)

  6. Dear Loree - beautiful pictures, beautiful words...I too lack patience - the funny thing the more I need it the more impatient I get (LOL) - Have a beautiful day.

  7. I think my clouds should meet your clouds Loree...maybe they will come to a meeting of the minds and head someplace else. You are right about patience...althought mine is wearing thin with the rain at our doorsteps these past few weeks. I will remember Vietnam for the rainy season, there is no doubt about that! xx

  8. Loree!!! This was SO beautiful. My goodness. I saw that there was a new post from you a few days ago but it has been a hectic week here and I never want to skim your posts (!!) but rather save them for when I can really read. So very glad that I did because what a beautiful gift this was for me today.

  9. I'm feeling rather impatient lately, waiting to hear back from an agent, so I completely sympathize!!!

  10. I wish I were more patient too. But sometimes it just seems like patience is a waste of time. I know I am wrong but it does feel that way at times :-)

  11. Oh there is so much truth in this post and so much we can learn from this incredibly powerful lesson of patience, loved reading this xx


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