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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn Tears

I opened the curtains and, for the first time in weeks, I was not greeted by the rosy fingers of dawn. Instead the sky was dark and a gentle rain fell.
Stuck in traffic, with my windows tightly rolled up, I was overcome by a strange sensation that felt akin to being inside a cocoon. All I could hear was the swishing sound of the wipers and my MP4 player belting out Sixx AM.
Traffic was head-to-tail to the next intersection. Yet I had this uncanny feeling of being alone. Alone in a world of rain and puddles; suspended in the ether and looking down from a vantage point on the trail of cars inching their way forward, red brake lights leaving a bleary reflection on the shiny, wet tarmac. The traffic’s backed up on the 405… Yes, indeed. But that was LA and this was Malta and I was definitely not on a highway. So it went on, all the way to work. Yet despite running late, I was unusually calm. Perhaps I was still suspended in the ether.
USA 2013 379

Fast forward to the evening … I sat in my car (again) waiting for my son’s Boy Scout meeting to wind up. In front of my wind-shield a posse of mosquitoes danced and twirled in crazy delight, probably thinking that I would be their next victim. I closed my windows tightly shut and looked at the patches of sky above the tree-tops. A bat came into view; and then another; and another. They flew erratically in my line of vision for a few seconds and then headed on to their next destination. Meanwhile, down below, the mosquitoes continued their frenzied dance. And I felt a heavy weariness descend upon me.
USA 2013 285
It had been a long day but we finally got home. I logged on to Facebook and started to scroll down my wall, wondering why so many people had yellow gerberas for a profile picture. Then I read the sad news. Cancer had claimed another victim. A woman of 40, with two young sons. An acquaintance  from my past. I was stunned. I inwardly screamed ‘no, no, no’. Oh my God, this is insane, How'd it get like this or has it always been this way? This was the fourth woman, that I had known at some point in my life, that had lost the battle this year. I felt a grief beyond words yet my lips mouthed a prayer. Piles of roses at my feet, friends and lovers gather around me … On and on, in my numb brain I repeated the words, like a secret mantra, like a call to arms. Enough, I wanted to say. Too many tears have been shed; too many lives have departed – gone too soon, silently, like the autumn rain.
USA 2013 267
This post is written in tribute to the brave survivors and in remembrance of all those who have lost the battle.
The words in italics are not my own but are taken from: Sure Feels Right; Oh My God and Goodbye My Friends from the album This Is Gonna Hurt by Sixx AM.


  1. My prayers to her love ones and you.
    Thank you for sharing you thoughts in a wonderful tribute

  2. Loree, I am so very sorry.

  3. Loree, I am sorry. Too many people have succumbed to this terrible disease. My hope is that one day in the near future there will be a cure.
    xoxo, B

  4. Dear Loree - I know how you feel...I have lost loved ones and friends to this this time one of our best friends is battling lymphoma, another is in stage four and another in stage three. It is a terrible disease and the methods they treat it are as barbaric as can be. My thoughts are with you and your friend's loved ones. Take care. This is a beautiful tribute.

  5. It is a beautiful tribute, Loree with gorgeous pictures! May the weekend brings you a bit of peace and joy!

  6. I am living in puddles ! I wished the sun would return.
    Around me I also hear cancer cases more and more. It's really terrible. Why do they try to discover Mars and the moon, instead of putting the money in cancer research ???

  7. This is such a beautiful post Loree. I love the line "a call to arms" There is so much that overwhelms humanity and yet it feels like we do nothing but stand aside. My condolences for your loss xx

  8. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. This is a lovely tribute to her and all of the brave ones who have fought this battle...

  9. Loree, I too am so sorry for your loss. Here, we are so weary from hearing about one school shooting after another. It is crazy when we begin to become blasé about it all. My only reasoning in coping with tragedies in that if there weren't any...would we as humans have a drive to be "good"? Does suffering have to exist in order for humanity to survive. I don't know...but I do wonder about these things.


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