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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fabulous Fridays: Love, Only Love

So starts the second stanza of one of my favourite ballads. But love is, perhaps, the most abused word in the dictionary. The world seems to have  lost the concept of what love really means. Yesterday, my son asked me when Valentine’s Day was first celebrated and I made the snide remark that it’s just another Hallmark holiday. But, on this day dedicated to  love and lovers everywhere, I will refrain from being cynical.
USA 2013 1481
So where did it all start? Well, like all other good things, this day started off as a fertility festival in ancient Rome. The Lupercalia was celebrated between February 13-15. Then, some time around February 14th (or so they say), a Christian man named Valentine (possibly a priest) was martyred. His crime? He defied the emperor (Claudius II) by continuing to perform marriage ceremonies even though Claudius thought that bachelors made better soldiers. And the rest is a mish-mesh of legends and history. But leaving all cynicism aside, where would the world be without love? We all need it, we all crave it and we are all the better for having found it.
USA 2013 1483
The way I see it, we should celebrate our loved ones everyday and not wait for mid-February every year to let them know how much we love them. But I still hope you have some romantic plans lined up for this weekend. If not, well, there’s always one of your favourite love stories to watch. These are just two of mine.
Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.- Anais Nin
Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires; To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly and joyfully.- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
As for that ballad I mentioned, here it is …


  1. Thoughtful post
    Its interesting your words have me thinking that love is the one emotion we spend time wondering if it is or isn't happening to use sometime(s) in our life. This will happen to me thing. The one emotion. I don't think of laughter as a this will happen to me. Or feeling bright will happen to me. Or even grief will happen to me. The expectation that love will happen, I think is quite unique.

  2. Love is at its best when it makes you laugh. Hard. So hard you work your belly out better than a hundred sit-ups. Anyone who makes me laugh, makes me love.

    Happy V-day, girl. :)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Loree! Happy are the hearts that have known true love!

  4. Loree, I hear you with the cynical remarks. My son (much older than your son!) asked if we could skip school on Valentine's day (today). My eyes bulged and I went on a stream of consciousness about no more fanciful and irresponsible days off when Valentine's Day is part of the economic system to spur the weak economy on to mass consumerism (or something to that effect). Ouch! And then I get those lovely dishes. Boy, was I reflective after that!

  5. You sound so AMERICAN to me!So, HALLMARK has found MALTA too?Of course, it has who am I kidding!My husband always makes me go on a HUNT for my little treasure…………even after 28 years!Cooking a "GOOD" dinner for him which looks to be a total disaster……………will let you know!

  6. What you wrote about Saint Valentine is true according to what I have been reading. I don't celebrate it so to speak, since it has become so commercialized. I just said a quiet prayer to Saint Valentine for honoring the sacrament of marriage and for the love he taught us.

  7. We didn't do much for Valentine's Day - Friday finds us completely exhausted and drained! But it is true, we should celebrate our loved ones every day xx

  8. Loree - I agree we misuse the word love but the true emotion could never be replaced with anything more beautiful. God is love and we as his creation were made to love as well. Thank you so much for the legend behind Valentine's day. I never knew it was a saint that began this entire "Hallmark" holiday! Have a great week.

  9. An inspired cultural tour of love.......(The Notebook is addictive by the way ::)))

  10. Love this post Loree..your photos and words are matched perfectly. I am in need of a good romantic film..I know just where to start. Thank you! ;)

  11. You are right ! Before I moved to Belgium I had never heard of Valentine's day, it just didn't exist in Germany. There was not much fuss about it in Belgium either only unmarried couples celebrated it.
    Today it became a huge commercial thing ! It moved into every country. You get an overdose on hearts everywhere ! I think love goes on the whole year and not only on one day. We "celebrated" with a nice Sushi meal at home !

  12. Hello there Loree! Oh, I am behind on your posts again. I am sorry about that! But I did enjoy this one. I always appreciate that you are honest and just tell things like you see it. :)
    I wanted to share this link with you on Malta by the talented Kristin Espinasse, I thought that you would enjoy seeing Malta through her eyes!

  13. I really like that first quote. My mother was a huge holiday girl, and Valentine's Day was no exception, so I don't quite think of it as a lover's holiday. I have fond memories of making heart-shaped cookies with her (and later, with my own daughter), and the red felt bags she used to sew when we were kids, with belled drawstrings and small trinkets hidden inside :)

  14. I am so not into romantic movies but I love love love The Notebook!!! Belated happy valentines day Loree :-)


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