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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Colours Of The Seashore

The sun shone brightly – oh, so brightly – from a cobalt blue sky. It felt like a late spring day, but it wasn’t. This was February. This was winter. I sighed as I rolled down the car window and the warm, sultry air caressed my face. I needed to re-charge, so we drove to a rocky beach that we do not frequent very often. It was deserted, except for one solitary fisherman casting his line, a diver and an older, foreign couple soaking up the sun. The air felt tangy, full of sea and salt.
Bahar ic-Caghaq (8)
We walked to the water’s edge. The sea sashayed at our feet, its surface shimmering in the unrelenting sunlight. Never at rest, it sighed and gurgled as it playfully embraced the rocks and shoreline.
Bahar ic-Caghaq (24)
Its hues were as flamboyant as ever – a palette of blues and greens, married together to create the aquas and turquoises that make my soul smile.
Bahar ic-Caghaq (10)
Bahar ic-Caghaq (34)
It took a lot of effort but I finally managed to tear my eyes away, and let my gaze linger on the seemingly unimportant things.
Like the limestone bleached to an almost-white;Bahar ic-Caghaq (50)
a perfectly round rock-pool lined with brilliant green moss; Bahar ic-Caghaq (40)
shy little creatures peeking from nooks; Bahar ic-Caghaq (32)
the shells of a thousand summers ago. February-001
We have so little here but that makes me appreciate the abundance of simple things so much more. I feel a deep-seated joy when I seek and find beauty where others might find none. I looked back at the sea – at its clarity, at its mysterious depths, noting its innocent playfulness.
Bahar ic-Caghaq (54)
Tomorrow its colours could change, its mood could swing to a roaring insanity. Tomorrow it could all be so different.
Bahar ic-Caghaq (28)
Location: Bahar ic-Caghaq, February 2014


  1. With that ocean, who needs anything more. It is so gorgeous and full of life.
    Or is it a sea? Regardless, simply beautiful!

  2. I enjoyed your photos today.

  3. This was lovely, Loree. You are such a perceiving, romantic soul. The images of the water are life-giving!

  4. Loree- gorgeous and once again your words resonate and it is as if I am standing beside you watching that lovely water. I don't live near the ocean or sea so it is such a treat to see it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Beautiful Mediterranean sea! I recognised the limestone, Bahar ic-Caghaq, I have many nice childhood memories of that place.

  6. The color………….is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL.YOu are indeed one lucky GAL!

  7. I have just discovered your beautiful blog. My attention was caught by the colours of your ocean. They are very similar to where I live in Australia. Loved seeing the shell fossils. Your photos are stunning and you have a great way with words!

  8. Oh how beautiful, Loree! You're so lucky to enjoy this quiet area to yourself. Gorgeous shot and beautiful writing.

  9. You say you have so little there, but there is an abundance that comes through your words and images.

  10. Oh Loree! That sea, those colours! I could smell the salt and feel is caress my cheek from here - wish I could breathe it all in x


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