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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Of Fading Beauty And Summer Reads

It’s fading. The beauty of spring will soon be just a memory. Notwithstanding last week’s rain, the beautiful wildflowers are wilting, slowly relinquishing their glory. They are wise – before the burning breath of summer reaches these shores, they will be just a hazy, if colourful, memory of what was and what will be. I think I could learn to like summer if the wild flowers bloomed. But in the face of such extreme odds, they return to the earth from which they sprung and nurture the seed of life till the rains return once more.Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (30)
And I, I am a bit like the spring flowers for, unlike the rest of my countrymen (and women) who seem to spend their lives outdoors during the summer months, I tend to hibernate, cocooning myself in the relative coolness of our home and only venturing outdoors in the sunlight if I absolutely have to. With time to kill, I pick up my books and call them friends.Salib tal-Gholja, Delimara, Marsaxlokk (102)
Despite the longish into, I suppose you can say that my post picks up where this one by Suze left off. It is funny, sometimes, how the subconscious of one person seems to be in line with that of another during the same period of time. Or maybe it’s because we are all preoccupied with the same things. I have long wondered what it is that makes us pick one author over another; one blog over another. Of course, most times it is the story that draws me in. But I find that it is usually the style of writing that hooks me. Good plots and storytellers aside, I think I am most drawn to those authors who bleed their hearts out on the page; whose prose rips them asunder. Writers whose words transcend time; whose passion captures the imagination of generations.
This summer I plan to delve into the works of some writers that I have never read before. I have the following line-up in mind: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sylvia Plath, Paulo Coelho. I would love your thoughts, if any, on these writers. Are they worth the many summer hours I will spend poring over them? Or should I just go outside and battle the pesky mosquitoes?Bingemma, Gnejna & Dwejra (101)


  1. Loree, I love the images you included in this post so much. Along with being a travel writer, you could do your own photography.

    In answer to your question, I always feel so inadequate trying to respond to such queries because, despite writing novels, I rarely read them! I devour non-fiction books by the barrel but so rarely read a story that really feeds my heart. Is that super weird? (I think it is!)

    In any event, I think it an apt tribute to the great Marquez that you would feed on his work during summer in the year that he passed on. It all makes sense in the scheme of things, flowers which surrender to the cyclical magic of life only to spring back with the same vivid urgency each spring. I look forward to any posts you might write in response to the books you read. Oh! Actually my husband gave me Coehlo's 'The Alchemist' while we were courting. That was 13 years ago and I only read it once, but I did get a lot out of it then. I'd love to read a post by you after you read some of his work.

    I think the only storyteller I might recommend for you would be .. well, I can't remember the author at the moment, but the book is 'The Ruins of California.' Let me see if I can track it down.

    Ah! Here it is:

    It seems the sort of novel you would enjoy. I read it years ago and feel comfortable recommending it.

  2. This is a delightful sight for sore eyes!

  3. Hello Loree,
    Well, we should choose a book over the great outdoor heat any time. Indeed, we would tend to choose a book over almost anything, so perhaps, we are not the best people to advise you.

    Your selection of authors sounds eclectic and intriguing. They are bound to not only occupy your time but your thoughts as well. We shall look forward to your response after reading them.

    We love the idea of your being a wildflower, fresh in Spring and then dormant throughout the Summer. Your writing always offers such hope and promise, so the analogy with the new shoots of Spring is entirely apt, we think.

  4. Your wildflowers are spectacular and so beautiful!
    Do both, read a little and enjoy the summer sun a little...Your ocean wind will blow the pesky mosquitoes away :)

  5. What a beautiful carpet of flowers ! I love spring too, it's my favourite season, everything smells so fresh and clean. But I love summer too and on the few sunny days we get I am always sitting outside. Probably I would do like you if I had too much sun during summer time !

  6. I AM ABSOLUTELY NO HELP!For I will be outside in the garden with the pest mosquitoes!I do love to read but do not follow an author.The cover "GETS ME!"If I like the cover and then I like what the story is about thats what pulls me in.I know its HOT where you live but do venture outside in the favorite time of day!Take that camera and shoot for your fans out here in blogland!!!WE LOVE IT!XOXO

  7. Beautiful wildflowers!!! Here the roses are in bloom but anything delicate that speaks of early spring has fade or is long gone. Sigh … We have had a few little bursts of heat but it's still temperate. I am hoping the AC in my honda lasts through the summer! I wish I could help with the reading but I've been having so much trouble concentrating while reading … I start something 5 times and give up. I hope it's temporary!

  8. Dear Loree - I am not familiar with these authors so I am no help to your request. Love your words though that describe spring's passing and your lovely pictures.
    As much as I am an outdoors gal - August is my big month for reading (I find a shady spot on the deck and sit in my swing and read into the late hours - so when summer heat reaches it highest I am usually immersed in a good novel as well. Happy reading!

  9. Books and flowers-Inside through windows = Mosquitoes no.
    I'm reminded today with a willow tree blooming green dust, this is the time of year I need to stay inside more. I'm going to read indoors this week-end
    Wishing you and yours a lovely spring week-end. Happy Reading!

  10. I have read quite a few of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' books, of which the most famous is 100 Years of Solitude, but I absolutely loved Love in the Time of Cholera, which is a perfect book for summer reading. It could just as well been titled Love in a Warm Climate. Sorry he is no longer with us, but he left a great paper trail for us to remember him by. A more recent book you might like to read when you have plenty of leisure is The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. My recommendation for a great read.

  11. Those wildflowers take my breath away. And I'm with you - I don't venture out much in the summer - more because of mosquitoes than heat. Fortunately we've had a lovely long winter (not so fortunate for our northern neighbors, though…)

  12. Oh I melted when you wrote this "authors who bleed their hearts out on the page". Have you read The Rosie Project - it is an Australian novel, I think you might just fall in love with it xx


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