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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Little Big Things

They say that life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take but by the moments that take our  breath away.
Sunset 005
We are bombarded, on a daily basis, by images flashing through our senses like strobe lights – there one minute and gone the next. Hooked to our TV screens, our computer monitors, our iPads and iPhones and all shapes and sizes of gadgets that I cannot even name, we sometimes forget that real life is ‘out there’ and that we are the protagonists of our own destinies and, no matter how vicariously we live through the lives of others, we only get one shot at living our own.
Dwejra and Fiddien 009
Last night I felt compelled to write a note to my son, to tell him to find joy in each day; to look at the world with wide, curious eyes; to stop and smell not only the roses but the poppies and chamomile too. But above all I told him to smile; smile, smile and smile some more. Because life is about the little things. The things t hat money cannot buy.
Is-Sancir & Migra Ferha (3)
Migra l-Ferha (9)
In some ways, it was a lesson to myself, because I do tend to let circumstances drag me down. I confess that I get angry more quickly than I should and I let obnoxious people spoil my day. But only because I let them. So I am looking at life with a magnifying glass and I’ve discovered that even nature has a sense of humour. That the most detestable (to me) vegetable is innately beautiful. I’ve learnt that carrying a notebook wherever I go is a must and that although a camera can capture a moment, it is the heart that experiences and treasures it.
Is-Sancir & Migra Ferha (22)
Is-Sancir & Migra Ferha (13)
There are days when the smallness of this island gets to me. When I wish I had wings to be able to soar above the clouds and discover the wide open sky. But all it takes to bring me back down is a forgotten chapel, overgrown with weeds or the caress of sunshine on centuries-old stone. They are such little things. Such tiny, insignificant things and yet, against all odds, they keep me grounded; they keep me sane.
Is-Sancir & Migra Ferha (9)
Valletta (24)
Photographed in various locations around Malta, March & April 2014


  1. Hello Loree,

    What a delightful post this is!

    We love the notion that you felt compelled to write to your son, urging him to find joy in Life's simple pleasures and to seize every moment as if it were the last. Oh how important that is and, yet, one does become burdened by negativity and one loses sight of the joy and wonder of the Natural world and the Human Spirit.

    As you say, these days we are bombarded by visual imagery of all kinds from all sources and yet we are, perhaps, restricted in our vision as never before. Life flashes by in a series of technicolor images but do we notice and, more importantly, do we care? So, yes, how wonderful to urge your son to not let Life drift past......and we too shall take your message to heart!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance, thank you for this comment. I do like to think that there are others who look at life the same way as I do. I somehow had no doubt that you would be amongst those who do.

  2. You've just made me smile broadly! The trees are in full bloom here, white and pink everywhere but when I see people walking by with earphones and frantically texting, I sometimes wonder if they even notice... How sad for them.

    The man with the big nose is wonderful! Love all your photos, they are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful variety of pictures ! I never leave the house without my camera, you never know !

  4. What a beautiful post Loree.

  5. I had a mentor who admonished us to carry our spiritual notebook everywhere we go. This reminds me of you.

    That wish to sprout wings and fly off your island reminds me of the periodic exchange between me and my dad, 'Do you ever wish you could just jump out of your skin?' 'Constantly.'

    I see you sprouting wings, Loree. Thank you for pointing out poppies and chamomile to your Mischief Maker.

  6. Good advise for the little guy!SMILE SMILE SMILE………Your little island is PARADISE to me!That last photo of the colors on the stone building……………BEAUTIFUL!I too let the small things get to me……….LETS TRY and get over that together!

  7. Dear Loree - I so identify with you. It is truly the ordinary that is extraordinary. You always capture it my friend. Such good advice to your mischief maker...I hope he heeds it because it is the smiles that help us rise above life's circumstances! As always I so enjoyed my visit to your beautiful island. God Bless You.

  8. It's a great lesson for me too..Smile, and don't let other people take away your joy..Beautiful post, as always Loree!

  9. In the 5th photograph, I'm reminded of New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain (that's no more) on Malta. Does that rock have such a name? I hope it lasts longer.
    I have to talk myself out of feeling down when I allow others to get to me in a negative way. I tell myself to stop thinking about it. Now I can look at pictures of Malta for help. :)
    Thank you for the inspirational post

  10. You live in a paradise, Loree - so happy to see you documenting this glory in your own back yard!

  11. Without the little things I would be lost. Loree these images are killing me. I wish I could click my fingers and be there for myself xx


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