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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The stories in my head

Sometimes I like to lie on my back and lazily gaze at the wisps of clouds suspended like cobwebs in the vastness of the sky. And they come to me from nowhere, snippets of stories that always remain untold.
Stories of heroes longing to unsheathe their swords to rescue a maiden locked in the  turret of a blood-red castle.
Red Tower 116-001
Tales of sacred places where feet no longer tread but whose stones stood tall in the virgin birth of a primeval dawn.
Adventures of love-sick soldiers in solitary towers watching and waiting for the next pirate raid.
Congreve Memorial and Wied iz-Zurrieq (81)
Legends of abandoned houses where footsteps are heard in the stillness of the night and laughter echoes in empty halls.
Isla (38)-001
They all whisper their secrets to me, like so many memories of some distant past that my subconscious barely remembers. Or they are just remnants of tales heard and remembered. Just snippets of legends waiting to be told; whispers of shadows waiting to be given life or destined forever to remain stories in my head.


  1. You live in such an evocative place, and your words do lovely justice to it.

  2. Hello Loree,

    You have such a wonderfully creative mind.

    We can well imagine that these amazing buildings whisper their secrets to you. And, what stories they and you have to tell! They seem to wear their histories on their facades, but you breathe new life into them with your vivid imagination. Perfect!

  3. When I see a ruin or a castle I always try to imagine how people lived there. I love to dream too !

  4. Dear Loree- I can understand why your imagination would be inspired because of your gorgeous island. Your words always touch my heart sweet friend. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  5. Ah, I wish I have an imagination like yours. My head can't get around a lot of stuff for school as this term is coming to an end. For now, I'll live vicariously through your writing.

  6. DREAMING is a VERY good past time!I hope SPRING has come to you.I got the book on SAN MICHELE and am about half way through!!! Cannot thank YOU enough!XX

  7. They whisper because you can hear.


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